I first woke up this morning to the sound of Harvey doing something.  Sometimes it’s ambiguous as to whether he’s licking himself or chewing on something, as he’s a bit voracious at either activity.  It turned out to be the latter, and this morning’s victim was one of the many tank tops Amanda uses as undershirts, this one being from Anne Taylor Loft and thereby probably more expensive than most.  He’d already eaten a portion of it and snapped one of the straps.  We were frustrated, but Amanda had no idea where he got it from.

I woke up and stayed up at about twenty before nine this morning and had to go to the bathroom, which took a few minutes and therefore, as I was pretty busy most of the day, I didn’t shower until about 5:00 again today.

Amanda looked nice today, wearing a very professional-looking red dress.  A size zero, she bragged to me as she was poking my stomach while poking fun at it at the same time. 

She made quiche (which she usually likes to call egg pie) for dinner tonight, adding in a little turkey apple sausage.  Wow, that sounds like three entirely different foods, doesn’t it?  Anyhoo, it was good.  We ate that, drank cranberry-grape juice and watched a ghost show.  Ghost Adventure was it?  I think we’d watched part of another documentary by the same people before and got bored of it.  It was a little hokey and the main guy seemed to take himself too seriously.  I posited to Amanda that he was probably an only child with the way he gave orders to people.

We almost stopped watching it but as we were about to erase it (it was DVR’ed from last night) it got more interesting.  The final place they went was one that they went to on Ghost Hunters not too long ago, and it was a good, active episode.  The footage culminated with a brick being tossed from the ground through the air and some boards being knocked over with nothing there and the guys running away screaming.  Real or not, it was pretty cool and made up, mostly, for the main guy being a d-bag.

After that we watched a couple episodes of Reaper.  We’ve got the season finale left on the DVR and would have probably watched that too but we wanted to go ahead and watch the two-hour Lost season finale.  Lots of people were killed, including Michael and Jin.  I wasn’t too thrilled with their deaths- they blew up with the ship, but it seemed almost impersonal.  The show ended with us seeing how the Oceanic Six became the Oceanic Six then an allusion to bad things happening on the island (which was somehow moved, yes, the entire island was moved) after they left.  It was also revealed that the person in the coffin from, what, the beginning of last season I think, whom Jack went to visit in the funeral parlor was, as I had guessed way back then, John Locke.  Yay for me!

Zach Dotsey