Real Alien Sighting? | Zach DotseyThere’s been a bit of discussion about a supposed real live alien sighting captured on video.  I’m in this e-mail group of my cousin David Cherryholmes’ friends.  They talk about all sorts of things and generally I’ll just listen in and pipe up every now and then.  Anyway, they were talking about this guy who claims to have this video footage of an alien but he’s not releasing it yet.  It’s featured in a documentary (to put it in context I think was the reasoning), so people will have to pay to see the documentary.  It sounds to me like he’s just trying to hype a crappy documentary.  A still picture of the video has been released, which doesn’t tell you much.  I mean, you see the alien peeking into the door, but since it’s not moving you can’t really tell anything.  And I don’t see what that would tell you anyway.  It could still be faked pretty easily.  I don’t know.  I’m not against the possibility of aliens being out there, but I would think if you had real live footage, and I think he said he’s had this for a few years, you’d have gotten it out there already and you’d give to to some news agencies instead of some documentary filmmaker.  So for now I’m sticking with it being a good marketing gimmick for a movie.

I played Catan with Chris Burfield today after work.  Actually when I got online he and Michael were playing, but then Michael had to go to come over here so we could all leave to go to the Frazelles’, so Burf and I played a game.  I can’t recall who won.  The difference, by the way, between Catan and Settlers of Catan is that Catan is the Xbox Live, online version.

I bumped into a Duke fan when I went out to get some comics today.  He was wearing a hat so we struck up a conversation.  He said he works at a local bar and Tyler Hansbrough and some friends were there last weekend.  He said Hansbrough gave him some attitude when he carded him at the door, asking him, "Don’t you know who I am?"  The guy replied back to him, "If I did would I be carding you?"  Nice knock to the ego there.  He then complained about the $3 cover charge and one of the friends paid for him to get in.  Once there he acted pretty high on himself the whole night, according to this guy.

I relayed all this on the Duke message board that I frequent and it got a lot more discussion going than I expected.  I was glad to hear from a Carolina fan that most of the Duke players he’s met were actually really good, level-headed people, particularly Greg Paulus.

Hannah and Chritsian | Zach DotseyAmanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, came by to stay for the weekend and go to the Frazelles’ house to celebrate Hannah’s 19th birthday.  Her actual birthday is Sunday, but this was just a small thing for some family and all.  We packed up into the Jetta; me, Amanda, Michael and Karen and headed off to Wrightsville Beach.  Anna and Barry were cooking mahi and chicken on the grill and we all just hung out and talked and ate and such.  Hannah’s boyfriend, Christian, was there too.  Kirsten was in her room listening to music and being an anti-social teenager for a bit before she came down and spent some time with us.

We always have a good time hanging out with the Frazelles.  There’s inevitably some very innuendo-laden discussion and joking, often at the expense of Amanda’s, Michael’s, Hannah’s and Kirsten’s grandparents.  Then Michael and Kirsten almost always get into some kind of tussle which generally results in Michael’s face getting farted on or Kirsten being tickled until she about wets herself.

We were going to play Guesstures, which we brought over at Hannah’s request, but we all ended up talking so much and everything that we just never got around to it, although Hannah and Christian did play a little bit of it on the floor by themselves.

We took some of Anna’s famous chocolate cake home with us, along with some ice cream that was forced on us.

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Frazelle’s for Hannah’s birthday

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