Had a nice morning- Woke up, got Chick-Fil-A and went to the beach with Amanda and Karen.  We were out there for a couple hours and on our way back to the Frazelle house, where we parked, we saw Mike and Kaitlyn walking out.  As we were packing up the car Kyle and Lorin drove by.  But we’d been out there for a bit and were ready to leave.

While we were out there there were five girls, college age I’d say, hitting a volleyball back and forth.  It got away from them a couple times and twice it looked like the wind was blowing it way too fast for them to catch it, so I got it for them.  When I handed it back I heard one of the girls shout to he one who ran after the ball "Ask him if he wants to play!"  I just grinned and ignored it, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel a little… I don’t know, like the old me.  Amanda thought it was funny and suggested I call Michael, so I called him and told him he should skip work to come play volleyball on the beach with a bunch of girls.

Amanda and Karen dropped me off at the house where I decided to play some Medieval 2: Total War for the heck of it.  They went out shopping to Blue Moon and a few other places.  Amanda came home with a metal dragonfly for the garden and a new bathing suit.  They also went to PetSmart- we were out of dog food, cat food and kitty litter.

Amanda also picked up a red rubbery ball for Harvey.  He really enjoys his tennis balls but he destroys them so quickly, and he enjoys a rubber bone we got a while back, so she combined the two.  He really, really liked it.  He chased it around the backyard for a while.

After they got back a few hours later Amanda and I went over to Adam and Renee’s apartment for a beef stew dinner while Karen went to the mall.  I was just thinking yesterday that I don’t see my brother enough.  As we were walking up to the apartment Renee came around the corner with Dobja, who is looking much more like a papillion than he was.  He’s so cute and they’re doing a really good job of training him.  He’s already got a few tricks down and he waits at steps and doorways (and when he’s told to) before moving along.

So we socialized and ate a bit.  We played Settlers of Catan and I won, then we went back home and played it with Karen and Michael.  It came down to a close one between me and Michael, but he ended up winning.

Zach Dotsey