I got an e-mail from a paralegal trying to find my old buddy Todd Dorrell today.  Do you remember hearing about Todd Dorrell?  Todd Dorrell was my boss and roommate who used up money I’d set aside and never paid the rent for the apartment we were living in, even thought I paid him rent money.  In case anyone is wondering, yes, this is the Todd Dorrell who lives (or lived) in Greensboro, NC and went to High Point University and worked for MLB Marketing in Greensboro and ran TWG Marketing in Raleigh, NC.

Anyway, it turns out that Todd, upstanding guy that he is, was involved with a married woman who is going through a divorce now.  I didn’t get any details, but apparently this is a particularly nasty case.

That aside, work was very busy, particularly this afternoon.

Amanda came home with chicken and we had that, macaroni and cheese, green beans and baked beans for dinner.  Pretty yummy.  While eating dinner (and trying out mint Three Musketeers bars) we watched the last two episodes of the season of CSI: Miami.  The replacement coroner had about a minute of screen time before she was shot and killed and at the end of the finale Horatio himself got shot.  I think that’s a first- you don’t usually get the drop on ol’ Horatio Caine.  You’re left wondering if it was his ex-wife (or lover or whatever they were) or his son maybe who shot him, and you also get an almost too blatant hint that CSI Ryan Wolfe was involved, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just a red herring.

After all that Amanda watched Gossip Girl and The Bachelorette while I tried to teach myself a little PHP and MySQL.

Zach Dotsey