Apparently things are going well for my brother-in-law and Lizzy, the girl he just started seeing. They went out Sunday night then went to the beach yesterday and saw Strangers (which Michael liked) then hung out at the beach today too. When he first introduced her to Anna, Anna said she was a little shy, but then all of Hannah’s friends were there, so with a crowd like that it’s understandable that she might have been a little reserved. (Especially given that she’s the same age as them- Michael robbing the cradle!) Michael said he’d try to get us to meet her soon.

He wondered if there was anything weird about just having started to see each other and going out so much all at once, but I really don’t think there is. That’s how Amanda and I were and look where it’s gotten us.

Speaking of Amanda, she and I went for a walk with Bruce and Harvey after work today. Harvey stepped on the side of my foot and it’s been hurting ever since. We didn’t walk too far because Bruce had made a poo that was rather smelly (we clean up after our dogs so we were carrying a plastic bag with his fecal junk in it) and he was panting about halfway through the walk anyway.

Back home we ate cereal and watched the season finale of My Name is Earl from a few weeks ago. There wasn’t really anything else on so we flipped through the HBO stations and settled on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. I know, hard to believe I haven’t seen it yet. Overall I thought it was a bit kiddy. I mean, with the coming of Galactus you could have done some serious good stuff, but especially at the beginning, the dialogue, the soft pop soundtrack, the dancing and effects, I just thought it could have been done better. Really it reminded me of comic book movies from the 90s like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Maybe TMNT isn’t quite the right comparison, but something along those lines. And why did Dr. Doom put the mask and cloak back on if he was all healed up?

I think the next one they do should either involve Skrulls or the Submariner.

Amanda tried out the Xbox version of Catan tonight. She watched me play and I beat it on hard pretty easily then she tried it out. I put it on easy, not because she can’t play the game as well as I can- she can, but I didn’t want her to get discouraged and frustrated on her first time playing it in case it was a tough match.

After she went to bed Michael and I played against the computer. He won a close one the first time, but the second time the computer killed us. It had five points then all in one turn it took the longest road for two points, built two settlements for another two points, and revealed a victory card for the final point. Bollocks, I say!

Oh, and it looks like Hilary Clinton has ceded her run for the Democratic Party nomination to Barack Obama. I wonder what Aunt Robbie thinks about that. She was a big Hilary supporter. Actually, I think she was the only staunch Hilary Clinton supporter I know.

Zach Dotsey