Usual Saturday morning, except we slept in until about 9:30.  Well, I put Bruce and harvey outside at about 6:30 then went back to sleep.  Amanda went out to the Lowe’s Food down the road to get bagels and orange juice for breakfast and came back with Don.  Don is the maintenance supervisor where she works as well as being an outstanding guy.  He was taking his recyclables to Lowe’s and stopped by to take a look at our AC.

The problem with our AC, the downstairs unit, is that it will suddenly switch from cooling to having the heatstrips on, while still being in cool mode.  Don said everything looked okay, but his theory is that something is wrong with the sensor.  It seems to think it’s frosted outside and switches temporarily to heat in order to make sure it thaws out the unit.  Or something like that.

After Don left we swung by the Boscaljon residence and picked up Mike and Kaitlyn to go out to the beach.  It was an awesome day!  It didn’t look like there was much out there as far as waves go, but Mike and I grabbed some boards to give it a go anyway.  Kaitlyn even went out briefly.  Anyway, there was a lot of shore break, but there turned out to be a lot of stuff that we could catch.  Mike got up a few times and I got up quite a bit- to the point that I actually felt like I knew what I was doing for the most part, except for the part where I almost ran into a kid.

After the waves went away for a bit Mike and I left our ladies and borrowed some bikes from Anna and Barry to ride down to Trolley Stop and pick up some hot dogs.  It was pretty hot out but it didn’t seem too bad on the bike ride.  While we were at that part of Wrightsville Beach we went to Wings and Sweetwater to look at rash guards.  I was going to get a milkshake but they were too expensive.  Mike got a frozen Snickers bar, which I was going to do too but there was this couple in between us (they’d let Mike go because they weren’t sure what they wanted) and it was taking too long to fill their order.  I had gotten tired of waiting at Trolley Stop so I decided to go ahead and get on back.

When we got back to the beach Michael was there.  Us guys all got in the water and did such things as throwing wet sand at each other and bodysurfing.  The ladies were ready to go in not long after that, having been out for about four hours at that point, but the water felt great and us guys weren’t ready to go in yet.  Amanda went on back to the Frazelles’ and Kaitlyn waited on us for a little bit while we got our fill of the ocean water.

From there we took Mike and Kaitlyn home, but on the way we stopped by Surf City and I bought a rash guard.  Yes, that’s right- I finally bought my very first bit of surfing paraphernalia.  Yes, I own a spring suit (had two before I gave one to Kyle Van Zandt) and a surf board (named Alison, and she’s in need of repair before I can use her), but this is the first thing I’ve actually bought myself.  I was pretty stoked about it.  It even matches the bathing suit I was wearing today.  There was another one which was of the same design but would have matched my other bathing suit.  Amanda suggested I get them both, but I didn’t think I needed to spend an extra $35 just so I could be style conscious while out trying to surf.

After dropping the Boscaljons off we stopped by Little Caesar’s to pick up some dinner and went home to play Settlers of Catan with Michael.  Amanda and I were both in the running to win, but she won.  After that Michael and I went out to play some HORSE.  I won two of three games then he won a game of H, for whatever that counts.  It was ridiculously humid so we went on in after each trying five times (and failing) to make a basket from the far side of the house.

Amanda and I watched The Soup after he left.  Right now she’s playing Catan on Xbox Live with her little brother.  I’ll be going to bed soon since I have to get up early tomorrow.  I’m directing at church.

I’m beat, but today was a great day.

Zach Dotsey