Directed- good day, awesome new camera

Manda and Michael out to lunch with Nick and Amy then to the beach.  Was going to meet up with them but it was too hot and everybody left about the time I finished helping at church.

I was going to get gas on the way home, but I’d forgotten my wallet and didn’t have my card.

Lost heartbreaking Catan online, played Amanda and Michael in the real Settlers of Catan and Michael won.

Went to pick up Charity’s dog Buddy and saw cheap(er) gas.  $3.86 vs. $3.99.  Filled up the Jetta, got Buddy then after we dropped him off I went back out and filled up the Olds.  We spent about $90.  The one nice thing about gas prices right now is that you end up talking to a lot more people at the pump.  Everyone’s complaining about the prices.

Played Catan online with Michael, lost to the machine then played a little GTAIV, went to Nick and Amy’s for Settlers of Catan– I finally won one.

Zach Dotsey