Time for the 40,000 mile Jetta checkup.  Volkswagen said it would be quite a bit so we took it to Dave.  He’ll be about $100 cheaper.

I took the Boscaljons to the airport.  They’re heading to Des Moines to go to Mike’s brother’s wedding.  Mike tried to give me a fiver but I told him it was a special circumstance and not to worry about it.  It’s not the same as ferrying him to or from work.

Josh Gitlin told me about last.fm.  It’s a site that tracks your music and suggests music to others or something and allows you to legally share in some way too I think.  I don’t know, I haven’t had much time to play with it yet.

Got cereal, juice for dinner.

Amanda was kinda flirty tonight, which was fun.

Amanda lost to Michael in Catan online then I lost a ranked match that I should have won.

Amanda went to bed early.

We’re thinking of going to see M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening this weekend.

Fox News described a fist bump that Barack Obama does with his wife and lots of other people as a "terrorist fist jab," which just goes to show how out of touch they are right now.  It’s the modern equivalent to a high five.

Zach Dotsey