Amanda took my car to work today- Our neighbor, Dave Narron, who owns a shop, was working on the Jetta.  Amanda just gave him the key this morning and he drove that to work instead of his car.  We trust Bonnie and Dave implicitly, and it’s good for the environment too, right?  Dave offered to let Amanda drive his huge truck if I needed my car.  Amanda would look funny driving that big black beast down the road.

I caught some things up at work, or got things up to speed anyway.  Scott and I have been too busy for a while to discuss some of the jobs we’ve got going on, but we finally did it today and made a lot of progress on some smaller jobs.  A lot of my day was taken up with people having trouble with our calendar hosting service.  We upgraded some things on the server this weekend and that caused some issues with our calendar hosting program.  We upgraded that as well and got everything working by yesterday around noon but some people apparently had issues until around noon today.  I had several calls about it, but people were all cool about it.

Amanda came home hot and sweaty because of the lack of air conditioning in my car, which will be Dave’s next job from us.  But she really was hot- her back was drenched.

Don came by to verify something about our AC unit.  Looks like we’re going to have to spend about $80 or so for a new sensor.

We had small group at the beach- us, Kyle and Lorin with Kyle’s sister Sophie, Elliot and Melissa.  Mike and Kaitlyn are in Iowa, Kristen is studying for her big teachers test and Justin and Lisa had family in town.  It was nice though- it felt great outside and we all just talked about things, mostly of a religious nature.  Before we left I put my feet in the water.  It was for under a minute probably, but the water was so nice and cool and I felt so refreshed just from doing that.

We got a call from Bonnie on the way home.  She had locked herself out of her house and left a message at our house thinking it was the mobile number, asking where we keep the copy of her key- not realizing that she couldn’t get into our house anyway because her copy of our house key was in her house.  Catch all that?

Amanda and I went over to Bonnie and Dave’s after letting our dogs out in the backyard.  Her neighbor just got a silky that had been tossed out of a car in Jacksonville and had been rescued by a friend.  They’re calling her Daisy and she’s very sweet.  She’s about the same age as Bruce and just a little smaller, so when Amanda went back to take a shower I took Bruce over to meet Daisy.  They sniffed each other’s butts and wagged their tails.

Dave said he knew a couple who was trying to have kids for five years then the wife had a surgery and she was pregnant in a month, so he said we’re next.  Bomp-chicka-wow-wow.

Zach Dotsey