I’m a tad annoyed at my computer right now.  I was almost fully done typing out a well thought-out and craftily written post for today, then the computer inexplicably froze up and I had to restart it, losing everything I’d typed.  I wasn’t even doing anything intensive, and the computer had just been last turned off earlier today!  So now I’m going to summarize everything I typed out before.

Slept a few minutes later than usual for church since Amanda and I had taken a shower last night.  Amanda got up at the usual time and I was a little confused when I started waking up for good and heard the shower on but then heard movement downstairs then saw her coming up the steps (in her shower suit!).  I guess she’d turned on the shower to warm it up then decided she didn’t need one.

Went to church, which was very crowded with the combined services today, having merged the Mayfaire services into the Roland-Grise services.  So we had five services worth of people going to three services.  it was real nice though.  Polly and Dave sat next to us and the bit for Father’s Day was nice.  Dwayne Mixon, who was leading the singing at that time, got choked up, understandably since this is his first Father’s Day.  He even called out the men who would be future fathers, which I appreciated.

Went to breakfast at The Oceanic with Nick and Amy Warkentein.  I didn’t even know The Oceanic served breakfast until Nick suggested it.  Amanda and I parked at Anna and Barry’s and had a nice wide view of Wrightsville Beach.  I was convinced the French toast was big enough to split, so Nick and I shared one.  yeah, make what jokes you will.  I probably could have eaten the full order, but splitting it was probably a good idea.

I felt a raindrop when we walked outside and it was very cloudy.  Nick and Amy left and Amanda and I walked back to Anna and Barry’s and just sat on the porch for a bit as the thunder rolled.  I started in a rocking chair then moved to the rope swing then moved to the hammock.  We left after a bit and it started pouring.  Traffic was backed up past the park because everyone was leaving due to the weather and the drawbridge was up.

The rain stopped as we crossed the second bridge and we turned onto Airlie.  The lower part of Airlie was flooded pretty bad though and the van in front of us was going really slow, so we were afraid we’d get stuck or the car would stall out.

Went to Ken’s Bagels to get blueberry bagels for Amanda’s Granddaddy  Earl but they were out so we went by Home Depot and got a gift card and a magnetizer/demagnetizer.  Pretty nifty little tool.

It freakin’ locked up again!  At least this time I had saved it.  I have no idea why it is doing this!

Anyway, after Home Depot we went home and I napped upstairs for a bit, joined intermittently by Harvey and Bruce.  Amanda woke me up and I thought about calling my dad again (I’d left him a message earlier) but he called me and we talked for a few.  Michael came by, we loaded up Bruce and Harvey and took off to Beulaville.  Amanda was gracious enough to drive.  I generally drive us around town but we take turns for trips, although I drove to and from last time we went to Beulaville.

We were the first to arrive and Peggy and Earl’s, followed by Peggy’s sister and her husband, Patsy and Bobby Green.  I think they decided to get out of Oxford because today was the third anniversary of the death of their daughter, Kim Dulaney.  It’s still pretty hard on them from my understanding.

Karen and Phil Mercer came next and the Frazelle crew followed.  Most of the next little bit was taken up with Michael and Kirsten picking on each other (I helped from time to time), Hannah receiving a bit as well, and everyone watching that Monster Hunters (or whatever it’s called) episode about the Beast of Bolivia (North Carolina, not South America).

Amanda and I took the dogs outside and Harvey had a poopscapade wherein he crapped out something that looked papery and slightly plasticish.  I was thinking it might have been a paper plate.  Anyway, part of it came out then part of it got, um, stuck.  It was sticking out of his butt like a tampon or something.  Amanda and I kept on ewwing about it until he walked around enough and went in another place and finally got it out.  With everything else that came out Amanda posited that perhaps whatever was up in there had stopped him up.  Sorry, we got to be grossed out so you do too.

We ate a good dinner.  Terrible segue, I know, but it’s not like we ate right after the poopscapade.  Anyway we had ham, green beans, potatoes, biscuits, corn on the cobb and blueberry cobbler with ice cream.  Hannah told me she was the number one fan of my beard (or zachstache).  She offered number one fandom to Amanda, but Amanda said she thought it was okay but she didn’t deserve to be the number one fan and let Hannah keep that status.  A little bit after all that Amanda, Michael and I headed back to Wilmington.

That’s as far as I got before the first lock up, but I wrote lots more detail.  Now I’m publishing every paragraph or so.  I wish Windows Live Writer had some sort of auto save feature, but I couldn’t find it.

Once we got back home Michael left to go watch the Lakers and the Celtics.  His beloved Lakers are down 3-1 in the NBA playoffs.  They did win tonight, but only after blowing an early 16 point lead then winning by, what was it, five or so?  Last week they were up twenty-something in the first quarter and lost the game.  Michael says it’s because they don’t play decent defense.

Amanda and I watched The Soup after she watched an episode of Day of Our Lives.  She went to bed after that.  I watched the end of RV I guess because it was on and it was about to go off.  During that, Bonnie came over to take her clothes out of the dryer.  She’d called when we were in Beulaville and asked if she could use it because she’d just washed a load of laundry and her dryer broke.

After RV, which was exactly what it was expected to be, I watched two episodes of the BBC’s Robin Hood.  I mean, I know it’s not a great show.  I always say that.  It’s not a good show, but I enjoy it.  And it does surprise every now and then.  You know, I’d say it’s either really grown on me or it’s just plain better than it was last season.  It’s still not great, but the stories are leading to something and build on top of past episodes.  It is dark- Robin attempted to murder, what, ten or eleven people in one of the episodes in order to try to save his country.  I knew something was up though because there was no way he’d kill the sheriff and guy quite so easily.  In the second episode Marion’s father was killed, which was a pretty major deal.  So the show does surprise sometimes, and it can be pretty dark.  On the downside, the humor is cheesy and despite the surprises it’s somewhat formulaic.  It’s like watched a Saturday morning cartoon with a bit more bite.

Zach Dotsey