The Duke and Carolina message boards were buzzing like mad today.  The Tar Heels had three guys declare for the NBA draft: Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Danny Green.  In recent days it was thought that Danny Green was coming back.  Wayne Ellington was considered 50-50.  Ty Lawson was considered to be the second best point guard I think.  Today was the final day to make their decisions and it came pretty much down to the wire.

They’re all coming back.

Yes, Carolina fans everywhere are delirious with joy.  They’re now the definite pre-season favorites to win the national championship next year.  They’ve lost virtually nobody (except backup point guard Quentin Thomas, but they’ve filled that spot) and bring in some highly-ranked recruits.  Carolina fans had a field day on the Duke message boards.

Duke fans, however, don’t seem rattled.  Yes, we’d prefer them to all have left, or at least Ty Lawson, but Carolina will be virtually the same team as it was last year, and that team had a shaky start to the season and got pretty much murdered in the Final Four game.  Duke started the season strong then sputtered out at the end, but the Blue Devils add some depth to the front court.  Yes, the loss of DeMarcus Nelson will hurt, but we also add Elliot Williams and everyone is expecting huge strides for Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith.  And if Lance Thomas and Brian Zoubek can improve just some, it Duke will be a much-improved team.

We’ll see what happens though.  The Tar Heels are calling for a sweep and saying the NCAA should just skip the season and hand them the National Championship.  But we’ll see.

In other news, Jason Revill finally got an Xbox 360 today.  He’s been thinking about it for quite a while now, at least since Grand Theft Auto IV came out.  He prides himself on his cultural knowledge and felt that not really knowing anything about that and Halo 3 set him back a bit, so he got those two games to go along with the system.  I called him a little while ago and he told me he had just hit a pedestrian with a car.

Michael came by to play a bit of basketball with me.  I didn’t win at all.  After that we all played Settlers of Catan.  I didn’t win at all.  I did pretty well in both games we played, but Michael won the first and Amanda the second.

Amanda said that at work whenever they see a check or application with something funny on it it tends to get some attention.  Amanda got to hear a bit about an application check Michael wrote because it was for $35, and in the part where you write out the amount it said: "three five."  Kinda funny.  He also crossed out a bunch of stuff on his application.  He put also put Amanda Mercer for a contact’s name, when she’s been Amanda Dotsey for over four years now.

Amanda and I got an alarm system.  It’s going to be installed tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey