Amanda called at 8:00 this morning.  She had left the bags she uses for work on the trunk by the door.  It was particularly silly because she had left her purse in said bags, so as not to forget them.  The plus side to me having to get up and run them to her was that I got to drive through downtown.  It might be nice to take a morning sometime and just walk around downtown for a bit.  Nevermind that I have a job.

A guy came and installed a security system in the house today.  It’ll lower our home insurance rate and add peace of mind for Amanda during the times I’m not around.  It’s not that we’re particularly worried about crime, although there seem to have been a couple break ins down the street recently, but it’s better to have something like that before you need it, right?  Plus, a lot of times when I hear something loud I wake up and think about the time we had someone standing and walk through our backyard at 2 AM when we lived on Harrison Street.

My little sister Andra called this evening.  I had said something to her on Saturday about meeting her between Wilmington and Charlotte and taking my nephew, Jackson Sawyer, for the weekend since we’ll all be seeing each other in Rougemont next Tuesday.  She said today that she’d have no problem with doing it, but she’s had Jackson very involved in the new baby process, and she’s going to be going to the doctor on Monday to find out what sex the kid will be.  She really wants a girl, as she has a boy, but she said that since she wants a girl and we want her to have another boy (so we can get the first something) that she’ll probably have a boy.

Amanda and I spent most of the evening watching a Best of Mike Myers Saturday Night Live, which was nice because they had snippets thrown in there with current cast members, then Hot Fuzz on HBO On Demand.  I’ve been wanting to see Hot Fuzz for a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It really picked up at the end of the second and beginning of the third act.

Zach Dotsey