I did a bit of running around today.  First I stopped by Planet Fitness to drop my membership.  I haven’t been to the gym in quite a while, and it’s not just because I’m lazy.  Michael and I play basketball usually at least once a week, which is something, and I just haven’t felt like driving to and from the gym every day or a few times a week like I used to.  And part of that is gas prices.  I like that I don’t have to fill up my tank but once a month or so, and at $50 a pop, that’s a pretty big deal.

Fifty bucks!  I remember in high school I could fill up my Chevy Celebrity for about $15.

After that I stopped by the David Ward State Farm Insurance agency, which is where we have our homeowner’s insurance.  I dropped off some stuff about our new security system so they could give us a discount on our insurance rate.  It drops almost $10 a month and we’ll be getting a prorated refund for the insurance thus far, since we pay a year in advance.

Kyle, Lorin, Amanda and I decided to call small group tonight "teeny group" as the four of us were the only ones who were able to come tonight.  Kristen had told me a few weeks ago that she and Rob wouldn’t be able to make it this week (out of town or something- I forget), Mike and Kaitlyn were just getting back from their trip to Iowa, Justin had told us that he was going to be in Lexington, Kentucky (we’ll be passing by each other at some point) and Lisa is still having problems.  And Melissa let me know that she and Elliot were going to a function for Elliot’s work.  A dinner, I want to say.

Kyle was over at Masonboro Island with a friend since 3:00, so he was already going to be near the beach.  Amanda and I stopped by Harris Teeter on the way out to pick up some food.  I felt like having an apple so I got that and some grapes and Amanda got some strawberries and cheese cubes and we snacked on all of that plus water for dinner.  Healthy I know, right?

We had a really good night.  We mostly talked about small group and how to improve it and future plans, things of that nature.  Hannah and a bunch of her friends came out to surf and Anna and Barry came out a little later, so we talked to them for a while.  A lot of people were out to see the new moon rise tonight, but it was hazy and it didn’t seem to want to come out.

Amanda and Lorin went to the Frazelles’ to use the potty so Kyle and I took the opportunity to jump in the water.  The waves were only a smidge on the rough side and the water was cool but not cold.  It was great out there.

We came in and we all sat around talking for a bit more and finally gave up on the moon rising so we decided to head back.  Just as we were turning to go though, Lorin noticed that the moon was finally starting to peek over the haze, so the four of us sat on the bench by Access 39 and watched it come up.  It was big and red and beautiful.

While we were there I got a phone call from Bonnie.  She said she had taken a load of washed clothes over to our place to dry and the alarm had gone off on her.  She dropped her basket and ran out of the house- I have a fun time imagining that- then called us.  I gave her the passcode to turn it back off and everything was fine until I got a call from her a few minutes later.  The security service called and wanted the password from her.  As she told me, they told her she had thirty seconds to give her the password, and she said that they were just going to have to wait.  So she called me and put me on speaker and gave them the password.  Pretty funny stuff.

Firefox 3.0 came out today.  Firefox is my web browser of choice, so I got it.  they made some big deal out of it, trying to set a record for software downloaded in a day or some such, and Mozilla (the maker of Firefox) had people organizing release parties and stuff.  All over a browser.  I don’t get it.

In more entertaining software news, the Creature Creator demo for Spore came out today.  Spore is a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now.  You create a creature, starting out as a single celled organism, then you take it through stages of evolution until you make a land-dwelling individual.  From there you create a village then a civilization then you go out and spread to other planets.  There’s a lot more to it, of course, but the Creature Creator is what I think most people are most looking forward to.

Zach Dotsey