So that Spore Creature Creator?  Yeah, I stayed up a little late playing with it last night.  In all fairness, I started off playing Catan with Michael, then his former roommate, Matt, who is almost never on, was playing Halo 3 and invited us to play that, so we played that for a while.  After all that I played Spore and when Bruce got up to go outside I looked at the clock and though, oh crap!

But I got up on time today and functioned just fine.  Actually, I felt very productive today at work.

That’s about all there was to this day.  Amanda got some Smithfield’s BBQ for dinner and we ate that while we watched last night’s Ghost Hunters, which took place in an old building on an island in Delaware that was used as a Civil War prison.  I think they said at one time there were over 30,000 people there, and 1500 of them died.  But really, considering prison conditions from back then and how many people were there, that’s really not as high a number as one might expect.  Anyway, it was a good episode and had some really good thermal image captures.

I’d love to go to that island and take pictures.

After that I showed Amanda Spore and she created a cutesy little character.  It was much cuter than my first one, which looked like a naked hermaphrodite.  No, really, it did.

The sister of the lady who lives next to Bonnie (Denise? I never can remember her name!) has a sister with two dogs, a minpin and a Rott.  They’re moving to an apartment so they can’t keep the dogs and are looking for a home for them.  Amanda called her mom and asked her to talk to the neighbors, John and Nancy, the people who lost their Rottweiler, Knight, not too long ago.  They’re interested in the Rott but had some questions, so instead of playing phone messenger, Amanda and I went over to Bonnie’s to talk to her about it.  We ended up hanging out in the backyard for a little bit too.

In Bonnie’s house I saw a book featuring old photos around Raleigh and Durham.  (Not Raleigh-Durham!)  She let me borrow it so I look forward to looking through it and reading it.

I played some more Catan with Michael tonight.  In one game one of us was dropped and in that one I ended up having nine points (you need ten to win) for a few rounds before the computer won.  Every time it was my turn and I had more than seven cards, I rolled a seven, which meant I had to discard half my cards.  It cost me the game.  In the second game I ended up having nine points for a few rounds before the computer won.  See a trend there?  The Computer of Catan cheats.

Zach Dotsey