Jason’s on Xbox Live, played a little Halo 3 after work before Kyle and Lorin came over.  Lorin cut Amanda’s hair and it looks real cute.  We headed over to small group after that, stopping first to grab some snacks (Pringles) on the way.  We also took the grapes and cheese squares from last week, plus a banana each and an apple for me.

Mike and Kaitlyn were at Anna and Barry’s by the time we got there, but someone else was in the driveway too.  Amanda called to make sure they weren’t going anywhere so we could park there after we drove up the street to find no empty spaces.  Uncommon for a Wednesday evening.

Anyway, the other people left and we (plus Kyle and Lorin, who were also looking for a parking space) all parked and went out to the beach, spread out blankets and talked and snacked.  Mike was going to see a show tonight, one Michael was also thinking of going to.  I’m not sure if he ever actually did.  Anyway, the Boscaljons left so Mike could get to the show and the rest of us left a little later.

Amanda and I went up to talk to the Frazelles.  Nothing really new there, but it’s always a pleasure visiting with them.  Barry said the waves should be good this weekend.

Amanda and I went home.  I watched Deadwood, which I realize after watching one show is like The Sopranos only it’s set in the Old West.  And yes, the show’s been off for quite a while, but by the time I could get around to start watching it the show had been on for a long time and I couldn’t really easily catch up.  However, Jason told me the other day that the whole series was showing in order on HBO and that it had just recently started, so I’ve got the DVR set to record it.
Amanda watched The Bachelorette, which I guess has become a show for her now.  She wanted to watch it bad enough that, realizing she’d missed it last night and hadn’t set the DVR, she decided to watch the whole thing on ABC.com.  Most networks will now show full episodes of their shows online.

After she went to bed I played Catan with Michael and, using my “get a bunch of one or two resources and get the corresponding port” technique, I won.  He won the second game though.  Then he felt like playing Gears of War so we did a bit of that.  I did terrible, but the guys on the opposing team we played with were pretty cool.

Jason was helping his dad do something work related, so he wasn’t able to get on  Xbox Live anymore tonight.

Zach Dotsey