Amanda woke up at about 5:30 today in a bit of pain.  Nothing too serious- the usual thing around now, but it’s just started off as a bad one for her.  She apologized later for it, as there were some plans which were interrupted, but I told her it was just like having eight cards in Catan and rolling a seven.  She laughed.

Today was quite busy.  I did finally force myself out of the house, and when I did so I stopped by Target and got a beard and mustache trimmer.  Some of my facial hairs were getting a bit long.  I just used it a few minutes ago and it seems to do a fine job.  I’m going to have to figure out how to get the part directly under my nose better though.

Amanda picked up some Little Caesars for dinner and we ate that while we watched the end of a Dateline episode we’d started watching a few days ago.  It was about a woman who’d gone to jail for the murder of her cheating husband then got on when the case was tried again.  There’s a lot to sum up, but I felt, based on what the show presented, that she was guilty.  I think she just had a better lawyer the second time around.

After that we watched Night at the Museum on HBO On Demand.  It was a cute movie.  Mostly predictable, but a good story and entertaining.  There were quite a few people in it.

Michael stopped by briefly to pick up some boxes Amanda got him.  I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but he’s moving to a single bedroom apartment on Saturday.

Amanda went to bed after Night at the Museum, and while she was getting ready she saw a discolored spot on the ceiling.  I felt it and it seemed damp, which is wonderful.  Probably means we have a leak in the roof.  I’m going to go up in the attic tomorrow to check it out.

Our attic is an odd one.  The access to it is via a hole cut out of the ceiling in our closet.  It’s just covered over by a piece of wood or something to that effect.  I’ve been up there once.  It’s just too hard to get up there to bother doing much with it.

After Amanda went to bed I played Halo 3 on campaign mode with Jason for one level, then Michael joined us for another level.  He was watching the NBA Draft prior to that.  No real surprises.  Sadly I think DeMarcus Nelson didn’t get picked up.  Hopefully someone will get him as a free agent.

Zach Dotsey