Spent a portion of the day working on rollover graphics for a client’s navigation buttons.

They had a cookout at Amanda’s work and they got to leave early at 3:00.  The president of the company gave everyone a $100 gas card too.  How cool is that?  I did my best to finish up early and we left the house around 4:30 to go to the beach.  We hung out with Anna and Barry for a few minutes then went on out.  Amanda sat and read and later walked with Anna and I spent almost all of my time in the water.  At one point when I got out to rest Mike and Kaitlyn walked up.  Kaitlyn was ready to go- she’d gotten a rash guard and everything.

I forgot my rash guard today.  I thought Amanda had grabbed it and she thought I got it.  My ninnies are now raw, so I wish I had gotten it.

The waves were fun, if a bit frustrating, today.  When I first went out surfing the water was pretty choppy.  It did make balancing on my board (well, Barry’s board) actually kind of fun.  Throughout the day the waves were a bit hard to catch though.  I’d paddle my tuckus off only to have the wave swell in front of me a few feet.  There were a lot of teaser waves too.  That’s what I call them anyway, when they look like they’re going to break nicely then roll on a ways ahead.

The waves were big, too.  When Mike "Lars" Boscaljon is standing at 6’7" and the waves are well over his head, it reminds you of how small you are compared to the waves when you’re 5’6".  I did catch a few, one that I was really proud of then a few that I didn’t actually get up on or got up just briefly.  I did have some spectacular wipeouts which, honestly, were kind of fun in a dangerous, exciting way of their own.  I noticed a few times my board was too far out in front of the wave and that it wasn’t looking good for my health, and on those times I’d just sort of throw myself off to the side and just try to stay under long enough for anything that might be overhead to clear out.

I also met Theo today.  Theo works with Kaitlyn, so Mike started talking to him.  He also plays drums at Port City Community Church, which I recognized him from after he mentioned, and he knew the Frazelles already.  Mike, Theo and I were out there for a while.  It started raining but it felt nice since we were wet already, and all the drops in the ocean just looked so cool.  I was about to go in at one point, but I saw as I was going towards the shore that the sun was setting, then I turned around and looked back and saw this great huge rainbow that looked like a giant gateway span all the way across the sky.  I figured I’d at least stay out until sunset after that, so I stood up from sitting in the shallow water and paddled back out.  Once I got out there I noticed that the rainbow was actually a double rainbow.  It was so beautiful out.  During that time I couldn’t help but admire the artistry of God.  I only rode in the waves that I had very little choice in taking in so that I could stay out and watch the sun set from the water.

I went in after the first wave I caught after the sun had gone below the clouds.  Actually it was more like riding in shore break, but whatever.  I headed back to the Frazelles’ house, rinsed off with a shower full of people (Hannah, Christian, Kirsten and Maddie) then hung out on the porch with Amanda, Kaitlyn, Anna and Barry.  Mike and Theo came up shortly after that and we all sat out on the porch as the sky got darker.  Mike, Kaitlyn and Theo left, D, one of Hannah’s friends, came and talked to us, then he left.

Hannah, Kirsten and Maddie were talking about a movie they heard about called Teeth.  It’s about a young avowed virgin who discovers when her boyfriend forces himself on her that she has teeth in her hoo hoo that attack people who get too close to it.  Yick.  So the girls went off to rent it while Amanda, Anna, Barry and I foraged the pantry for food.  We all settled on crackers, cheese and cereal.

Amanda and Barry thought it would be funny if I exchanged my last cheese and cracker with Anna’s bowl of cereal, so I did that.  I felt a little bad afterwards, even though everyone got a good laugh out of it.  Then again, the Frosted Mini Wheats were getting soggy.

I called Michael to tell him we were about to watch Teeth and he was intrigued enough to come watch it.  He had been, as he said, "Watching Wedding Crashers and thinking about packing."  He hasn’t packed for his move tomorrow yet.  Maddie called Karen, Amanda and Michael’s mom, to tell her about it and invite her over.  It was only about 10:30 at that point.

Torrey DeVitto, Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill | Zach DotseyWe watched the movie, although portions of it got skipped as Kirsten and her friend, Marley were watching it too.  Michael said he’d have to rent it again to figure out what happened in those parts.  I’d probably watch it with him.  Not that it was a particularly good movie, but we missed out on some graphic gore scenes.

After the movie we dropped Marley by her house then went home ourselves.  The dogs hadn’t been out in about eight hours.  Bruce made a bit of a mess in the bedroom, but it had solidified enough to be easy to clean up.

Michael, by the way, had something interesting happen at work today.  He started watching One Tree Hill this season, just because part of it is shot right  next to his work.  There’s this one particular girl on the show, Nanny Carrie, who he thinks is just so hot (and she is, of course).  Well, she walked into the shop today and was very chatty with him, enough so that the guy working with him told Michael he should have asked for her number.  He said next time she went in he would, since he has absolutely nothing to lose in so doing.  I told him that if he went out with her he’d be my hero.  Of course, he read that she might be engaged, so that might be a hindrance.  He said he didn’t act like he knew who she was when she went in and that she was normal and down to earth.

Zach Dotsey