We got up, took showers, ate egg and cheese sandwiches that Amanda fixed then headed over to Michael’s apartment to help with his move.  It was me, Amanda, Phil, Earl and Karen, who showed up with the van after a little bit.  It was so hot and the couches were so heavy that I drank some Cokes and a Pepsi for lack of ice water.  I hadn’t had a soda since we’d finished off all the leftover ones after my birthday party.

After we got most of the stuff moved in Amanda and I stuck around Michael’s place to help organize the living room.  It’s a nice little place- you walk in to the living room and there’s a small kitchen beyond that, then you’ve got stairs going up to a loft to the left.  There’s a full bath and a decent closet upstairs, plus storage space above the bathroom, and there’s a half bath downstairs.

Met Earl and Phil at our house later and figured out the upstairs leak problem, we think.  The pipe that drains the pan the air conditioning unit upstairs was going all the way to the ground was was likely clogged up a bit, backing it up.  Phil cut a couple feet off the two pipes.

The second problem, the leak appearing over the kitchen, was a bit tougher.  Long story short, when you turn the shower on and the bath faucet backs up, some of the water is going out the back because it’s not sealed enough.  Phil had to cut a hole in our kitchen ceiling to figure that out, which I knew would happen.  I started working on it after Earl and Phil left.  I used a lot of caulk, so it was taking a while to dry. 

Then, finally, we went to the beach.  I caught a bunch of my first waves.  Pretty good surfing.  When I got out to walk back down the beach I saw Amanda, Anna and Barry about to head out on a walk, so I went with them.  At about the water tower Barry and I turned around to go catch some more surf.  I caught a few more and got tips from Barry, who was very encouraging.  I rode a few waves all the way in today.

After Barry and I headed in (I could hardly paddle any more!) the four of us biked to Vito’s for pizza and beer.  Well, Barry and I had a couple beers each.  It was a great ending to a pretty darn good day.

Zach Dotsey