Got up around 6 to let Bruce pee.  Got moving around 9:00.  Dad, Aunt Terry, Uncle Steve and Charlie went golfing.  Mom, Amanda, Adam, Renee, Andra, Josh, Jackson, the twin and I went and walked around the UK Arboretum, went to McGee’s for lunch, creme horns and cookies, drove around a bit to look at the houses we used to live in and went to Sam’s Club.  Bought a whole lot of stuff for the few days we’ll be here.  While we were out Josh asked Jackson who his best friend was and he said me.  I think it hurt Josh’s feelings a little, but you know, three year olds say whatever is on their mind at the time.  Jackson also liked my Irish accent.

After we came back to the house we sat around for a bit then some of us took naps.  Amanda went with Mom to the grocery store to get some things that weren’t worth getting in bulk at Sam’s.  They came back, we all sat out on the porch, the golfers came home (Dad won) and spaghetti dinner was made.  Just as we were starting to eat Uncle Bernie and his two youngest, Harper and David (or Hank, we like to call him Dank) arrived and ate with us.  Afterwards Amanda made muffins.  I spent some time talking to my cousins about all sorts of stuff- quizzing them on family trivia, talking about favorite movies, telling jokes, that sort of thing.

At some point Josh and I played HORSE and 21.  I lost both, which isn’t too surprising since I give up almost a foot to him.  Dad joined in a game of 21 and did pretty well, but Josh won that one too.

More time was spent on the porch then I got Elizabeth and Felicia, Andra and Josh to play Settlers of Catan with me and Amanda.  The twins had to go so Renee and Erin took their spots.  I won that game, but in a rematch with all the same players except Renee, Andra won.  It was a pretty tight game.  I think we finished around 3:00.

Zach Dotsey