We got up at 5:00 this morning and left right around 6:00, arriving at Baba and Pap’s around 3:30 or so, which is pretty good time.  There wasn’t a whole lot to note about the drive.  Dad drove all but about 80 miles, when Mom drove.  If all the eligible drivers had been able to drive we could have taken shifts of under an hour each.  Rental restrictions are a little silly I think.

The trip was pretty much without incident.  There was one point when we were help up in some traffic because the two left lanes were narrowed down to one for a minute and Erin, way in the back of the van, was having a fit because Dad wouldn’t get over to the far left lane and pass all the traffic.  It was fine for her to suggest that to him but she just kept going on about it even when it was apparent that he wasn’t going to do it.  I finally told her to give it a rest and she got mad at me.  She even gave me a double flip-off, which I thought was extremely mature.

Other than that we had a pretty good trip.  Mom and Dad were up front, Amanda and Renee were in the first bench seats because they’re more prone to motion sickness.  Then there was me, Adam and Jackson then Erin, Andra and Josh in the back.  We stopped a few times for gas and food, and, oh yeah, there was another incident.  At one stop I got up after everyone else to go in and noticed that my shorts were wet on the hip.  It turns out that Jackson had peed in his sleep and got more on me than he did himself or his car seat.  I guess it had gone down one of the holes where the seatbelt comes through.

Other than those two things the trip was pretty incident-free.  I plugged in the power converter I picked up yesterday and spent some time playing Medieval 2: Total War.  I’d been working on conquering the entire game lately using a couple cheat codes.  It’s not that I can’t beat it fairly- I’ve done that plenty of times.  I just wanted to beat it quickly.

Baba and Pap were there when we got in, of course, and Aunt Terry came by.  Her husband, Gypsy, had some surgery on his arm recently.  Uncle Steve came by with his twin daughters, Elizabeth and Felicia.  As we always do the first night in Lexington we ordered some Sir Pizza pizza for dinner.  Most of the rest of the time was spent sitting on the back porch and talking.  Pap wasn’t around a whole lot.  I think he’s not feeling the best and he’s got this issue with his left eye where it won’t stay closed and I think that was bugging him a bit.  Later in the night we did get to talking a lot though.  He’s been working on a journal of sorts for me- a recounting of his history.  He told me he’d put in a bit about describing his and Baba’s families, then we just talked about a bunch of different things.  That, to me, is what our annual trip to Kentucky is about.

Jackson peed on me again later in the day when we were playing out on the porch.  It was only a little spot this time though.  Andra said it was probably because he was just having too much fun and didn’t want to stop to go to the potty.

Zach Dotsey