Up at a little after 6:00, loaded up and left Kentucky after quick breakfast.  Left around 7:45.

Pulled out the computer to play Spore and Medieval 2: Total War. Josh made a really cool creature on Spore.

Adam Dotsey after being peed on in the car by Dobja

Got to Rougemont, loaded car and left.  Dad took the rental van back to the rental place at RDU Airport. Adam drove the Prius there so he could have a ride back to the Rouge.  Amanda, Renee and I took the Jetta.  Except for Dad, we all stopped by Caribou Coffee real quick before getting to the airport.  Dobja peed a little on Renee at Carribou, then shortly after we left from RDU Dobja peed on Adam.  Then kept peeing.  Then kept peeing.  We stopped at a gas station for Dobja to pee and Adam to change.

Got to Wilmington (Amanda actually drove the whole way!), unloaded the car then picked Harvey up around 8:30, making for about a twelve hours of driving today.  He didn’t jump- we were a little disappointed.  Don Senick, who was watching him, said he’d been good except for getting into some dish detergent.

Picked up Zaxby’s for dinner.  Michael was at the house doing laundry.  Lizzy is apparently not talking to him because of something someone said he said, so she doesn’t want to even be friends anymore.  Michael’s bugged by it because he’s never had anyone dislike him before and he has no idea what the deal is.  He’s got an idea to talk to her, but if that doesn’t work then I think he’s done with it.

Zach Dotsey