Woke up- Atlanta Bread and beach.  Michael got there as we were going out.  Surfed, caught some good waves to ride in all the way.

Left around 1:00 to go to volunteer training at new church.  The new church is huge.  I hope things aren’t lost because of it though.  It’s like we’ve got to be more institutionalized, so it will lose a lot of that underground feel.  I think the people in charge have their hearts and minds in the right place though.

Met Adam and Renee at Wrightsville Beach Park, took them to Frazelles’.  They, Amanda and Michael were watching the longest tennis match in Wimbledon history.  Michael left.

Back out, Adam and I surfed and Adam even stood up on his board.  I caught a couple then he got tired so we got out.  Got Horse Nuts and Adam and I won.

Joey Palieri and friend, Petya (from Bulgaria) were in town for the day and came up from Carolina Beach, where they’d gone with some friends from Raleigh.  We all went out in the water for a bit, even Amanda.  The waves were rough and her top came up (I think Petya’s did too, or she intimated that it kept coming close) but nobody saw either.

Michael called- Operation Lizzy was a bust.  He had gotten her a bunch of things she liked- banana pudding, a book she’d mentioned, a small flower, some other things I think, and gave them to her and said he’d be someplace at a certain time for half an hour, and if she wanted to talk about whatever the issue was to meet him there.  He said she’d said he shouldn’t have done that when he gave it to her, but he thought she half-smiled too.  She called him later and said she wasn’t going to be able to meet him though, and that even if what she’d been told wasn’t true that she couldn’t trust him anymore.

Lizzy, I don’t think you’ll ever read this and I don’t even know you personally, but if everything I’ve heard from Michael’s perspective is true then you’re an idiot.  Michael’s one of the nicest guys I know (except when he’s competing with you in a game or something) and would never purposefully do something to betray a person’s trust.  To take the word of somebody else without even giving him a chance to defend or explain himself, well, it just goes to show how immature you are.  It’s a shame- I’d heard nice things about you and Amanda and I were still hoping to meet you at some point.

Anyway, we left the beach to go to the house and let dogs out, then out to Elizabeth’s Pizza to eat and Boombalatti’s for ice cream afterwards.

Amanda watched two episodes of The Bachelorette then went to bed.  I played two games of Catan with Michael and won both.

Harvey destroyed the pot for the rose bush I got Amanda last week.  We put it in a bowl this morning and tonight Harvey destroyed the bowl.  Hope to find the bush tomorrow.

Back to work tomorrow.  Arms sore from a week away from surfing.

Zach Dotsey