I found the little rose bush I’d given Amanda.  I put it in another pot and watered it.  Hopefully it will live.

Work was pretty busy, which is to be expected given that I was away for a bit.  I got a lot done though.

I went to go see Wanted with Michael after work.  I wasn’t too interested in seeing it- I’d have preferred to go see Hancock, but it was okay.  Lots of slick action and wit, but it was by no means a great movie.  There was violence and lots of blood, but I expected it to be more of a spectacle from the things I’d heard.  Maybe it was just overhyped to me.

After the movie Michael and I both came back to the house and we played a little HORSE.  We both won one.  We were going to play 21 but it was really humid outside. 

It had rained earlier.  There was lots of thunder.  I sat out on the porch swing for a little bit of the storm, and there was one roll of thunder that seemed to go on for over a minute.  Then there was this one really loud clap of thunder that scared the crap out of me for a moment.  I mean the sky wasn’t particularly dark or anything so you didn’t really expect such a vehement peal of thunder, but man was it loud.

Anyway, Amanda was watching the finale of The Bachelorette, which was a two hour deal that turned into three because at the end of it they had an extra thing where they recapped some stuff, talked to the runner-up and brought the couple together again for the first time in public.  While the first two hours were going on I showed Michael the Spore Creature Creator. Bored, we watched the end of the two hour portion of The Bachelorette while his sheets were in the dryer.

Zach Dotsey