I stayed very busy with work today, but there wasn’t much of any news to report there.

I was going to go out and buy some bread so I could make a sandwich for lunch today, but Amanda happened to call me and tell me that she’d stopped by the grocery store this morning to get some lunch materials for herself and had gotten both bread and wraps.  She was going to bring the bread home.  Exciting story, no?

Other than that Amanda caught up on some of her Days of Our Lives episodes and I played Grand Theft Auto IV for quite a while.  After Amanda went to bed I watched Robin Hood and was about to start this past week’s Deadwood, but then saw on the DVR list that I hadn’t finished the last episode.  I’m glad I remembered that.  If you’ll recall, I kept trying to watch it the other night but kept falling asleep before I could see the end, and it turned out to be a pretty important ending.  Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed.  Now everyone knows that Wild Bill was shot playing poker in Deadwood, and I expected it to happen in the show, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.  I really liked him.

I started watching the next episode, but I knew I was too tired so I found a good stopping point before trying to do what I did before.

Nick and Amy invited us over to watch Batman Begins in preparation for going to see The Dark Knight this weekend, but Amanda had had a rough day at work and didn’t feel like going out.

Zach Dotsey