Today was still busy with work, what with Scott being away and all, but it was manageable.  I landed a new client, which is always nice, but at the end of the day I got a call from a(n employee of a) newer client whose site we we have been working on.  She expressed that the client was unhappy with what she’d seen so far and wanted to discontinue the work, although I had to point out that we had been given very little instruction and that the design we were working with had been approved by them already.

The lady I spoke to was very nice about it all of course.  I worked a bit late tonight in order to work up a couple of ideas to show them tomorrow in hopes that they’ll like one and decide to keep working with us.  I think the problem is that she wasn’t allowing for the mockup process, in which we show her an idea and she says what she likes or doesn’t like about it then we keep working on it.  I mean, the approved design has been done for probably a month now, and we’ve been waiting for them to either send us content or put it in themselves so we could fix it up nicely.  I just heard late last week that they decided they weren’t happy with the design and submitted a new one, which I only got any helpful feedback on today.

A note to anyone out there considering creating a website: if you have an idea of what you’d like to see, communicate it to your web designer.  We can’t read your minds.  Also, you can’t expect us to come up with all the pictures and text for your site unless you hire someone who is also a copywriter, and even then you’d better be prepared to spend some time with them so they’ll know what to write about your site.

Bah.  It wouldn’t bother me so much except that I felt we had a pretty good working relationship going on and Scott’s out of town, so even though I’ve gained an account while he was away it looks like one may be lost as well.

Ah well.  Amanda and I finished off the rest of some spaghetti we had recently for dinner and then she fixed us some green tea.  We watched an episode of The Soup Presents: Things Your Mother Won’t Let You Watch or some such.  They’ve had a lot of themed shows like that lately.  After that we watched Wipeout. Amanda went to bed shortly after then I played Catan with Michael.  It was another one I should have won, but he came back from behind and won.  I had nine points for a couple turns and on the turn when he won I had almost 20 cards, so if nothing else I could have traded them in and gotten whatever I wanted.  I wanted to kick something, but I did not.

We’ve got a busy few days planned.  Tomorrow we’re having small group at our house.  The weather called for rain so I decided to have everyone over to play Rock Band (which Kyle Van Zandt told me he’d been feeling like playing) and hanging out.  For Thursday we planned to have Seth Holloman and his wife, Dana, over.  Seth had told me that his wife recently discovered and fell in love with Rock Band, so we were going to have them over.  However, Anna called tonight and reminded us that Amanda’s young cousin Anna Hawkins Dulaney was in town and wanted to see if we wanted to meet up with them for some ice cream.  The only nights available for that are Wednesday and Thursday, so depending on timelines we might have to do some switching around.  We usually only get to see Anna Hawkins once a year at Amanda’s family’s beach weekend.  Then Friday I think we’re going to go see The Dark Knight with Nick and Amy and some others.

(Hey, you only have to ask once.)

Zach Dotsey