I may have been able to salvage that one client, which is a good thing.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Yesterday the weather report said that there’d be scattered showers.  Since our small group is, by default, meeting on the beach, I told everyone that they could just come to our house and, since Kyle had mentioned it the other day, play Rock Band.

Kristen e-mailed and apologized about not having been in touch lately and said they’d probably be gone until school starts back up- that they’re valuing their free time too much right now.  She came out and said they were just being selfish with their time.  I wrote her back and said I really hoped it didn’t turn into them not being in our small group, and if it did that they’d let me help them find another one.  We’ll see what happens.

Melissa e-mailed and said she and Elliot weren’t going to make it and that she’d be out of town the next couple weeks.

Justin e-mailed and said he and Lisa would be here, as did Kaitlyn for her and Mike.

We didn’t hear anything from Kyle and Lorin, but since they said on Sunday that they’d see us on Wednesday, we assumed they’d be coming.

So Amanda and I cleaned up this afternoon.  I vacuumed the floors and the steps and swept the front porch and the back patio and Amanda hosed everything down with vinegar and picked up.  I also moved the Xbox from the office to the living room.  There’s much more space to play in there, but it’s a bit of a pain to have to unhook everything and set it all back up in the other room.

6:30 rolled around and Mike and Kaitlyn showed up.  They ate their dinner while we watched Everybody Loves Raymond.  It was the one where Raymond got engraved toasters for everyone for Christmas and Frank and Marie exchanged it without having opened the box.  In it, Marie tells Frank she’s not just some trophy wife, which makes Frank posit: “What contest in Hell did I win?”

Anyhoo, we waited until about 7:00 and nobody else showed, so we all played Rock Band.  We didn’t think Kaitlyn would be too enthused about it, but she had fun.  We all had fun and rocked out for about an hour or so before they took off.  As they were leaving I saw a text from Lorin saying they had had some kind of car trouble but they were okay.  I called, since it seemed to imply that they were in an accident of some sort, but I didn’t get in touch with them.  Later in the night I also saw an e-mail from Justin.  They had decided not to go because Lisa has a pretty big time doctor appointment on Friday and they were trying to rest up and take it easy for that.  They still don’t know exactly what’s wrong with the poor girl.

After the Bocaljons left Amanda and I just watched a bit of TV before she went to bed.

Zach Dotsey