I think Scott’s going to be back tomorrow.  That’ll be nice.  I think work will be a tad easier that way.  I’ve been holding down the fort and it’s been manageable for the most part, but still a little crazy.

I went out today to pick up meds for all the kids.  (That would be flea and tick and heartworm medicine for our two dogs and cat.)  I called Michael on the way out since his new place is over by the vet, but I’m guessing he was already at work.  I was going to see if he wanted to grab a bite to eat.  Amanda and I are a bit short on money right now, but we’ve got these Chick-Fil-A calendars with a coupon on the bottom of each month, and for this month you get a free eight piece pack of nuggets with the purchase of a Sprite.

I didn’t eat with Michael, but I went ahead and went by Chick-Fil-A anyway but I asked if I could sub the Sprite for a milkshake.  What can I say, they make great milkshakes.  I knew I’d have to pay a little more, but I was fine with that.  I think I ended up not paying more though, because all they charged me was $1.30.  The guy behind the counter was getting instructions from the manager, but it was crowded of course, being lunch time, so I think something got lost in the shuffle.

The milkshake was yummy.

After work Amanda and I headed over to the Frazelle house, stopping to pick up some salad for dinner.  Anna Hawkins, Amanda’s cousin (well, her mom’s cousin’s kid, which would make them, what, second cousins?) was staying with Anna and Barry for a few days so we wanted to get by to see her.  The original plan was to just meet up for ice cream at Boombalatti’s, but I wanted to see about surfing and Amanda, surprise surprise, was fine with hanging out on the beach.

I walked out with the board, but there ended up not really being anything worth surfing so I took the board back while Amanda hung out with Anna, Hannah, Kirsten and Anna Hawkins.  Barry had just gotten home shortly before Amanda and I had gone out to the beach, so I talked to him for a bit then we went on out.  We ran into Hannah on the way out.  She was heading in and was going to go see Batman: The Dark Knight a little later with some friends.  (I’d love to go to the midnight show too, but Amanda wants to see it too but wouldn’t function tomorrow if she went to a midnight showing.)  Anna and Amanda went in shortly after we got out there to work on dinner (spaghetti and salad) and Kirsten and Anna Hawkins, who were playing in the sand, went in a few minutes after them.  Barry and I just stood out there and talked about all sorts of things- kids, God, the church.  A random guy came up to us and told us he wanted us to know that God loved us, so we talked to him for a few minutes.

Kirsten eventually came out and told us that dinner was ready so we all headed back in.  We ate and talked and had a good time with the Frazelles as we always do.  After dinner we went to Boombalatti’s.  Amanda and I shared a small waffle cone with four scoops of ice cream.  As we were about to pay Barry told us that they’d invited us out and that they’d pay for it.  They’d already given us dinner (that would be twice in one week now I think), but he insisted.

After we ate Amanda and I came home and unwound.  She watched Project Runway.  I played with Harvey a bit and got him wound up.  He was very playful, but he used his mouth a bit in his playing, so I had to calm him down.  He was obviously having fun though.  I also noticed that his claws had gotten pretty sharp so I trimmed his and Bruce’s.  When I finished with Harvey’s claws I stood up and Bruce thought I was coming for him so he ran away and hid behind the kitchen table until he saw that I was giving Harvey treats for letting me clip him.  Bruce was easy to catch after that, and while he didn’t enjoy the process he was much better about getting his nails clipped this than he usually is.  I don’t know if it’s how I was holding him or if he’s just more used to it now or if he was expecting a treat afterwards.  I suspect the latter.

Amanda went to bed and I played Catan with Michael.  Again, I should have won the first game.  I had nine points and one of the computer players went from seven points to ten in one turn.  I turned down the difficulty and Michael won the next one.  Seems on Hard I can almost win every time, but on easier settings Michael wins.  Oh well.

Zach Dotsey