Work was okay today.  I had plenty to do but it wasn’t overwhelming.

Peggy and Earl Lemons, Amanda’s grandparents, invited us out to lunch at the mall, as is their custom when they’re in town, usually to visit one doctor or another.  It was practically a family reunion today.  It was Peggy and Earl, me and Amanda, Michael, Anna, Hannah and Kirsten.

I got back home and worked and worked.  Then Amanda came home and made egg and cheese sandwiches.  I played a game of Catan with Michael, Burf and a computer and I did awful.  Michael won that one.  Amanda wanted to play so Michael started up another game with just him, Burf and Amanda.  Burf dropped out pretty early (which got his slot replaced with a computer player) and Amanda won.  It was the first time she won on the Xbox, so I was proud of her.

I was about to add Nick Warkentien’s blog to my blogroll on here and saw this at the top of it:


The day has arrived!  Amy is pregnant!

I’m gonna be a Dad!!!

So I called him up and Nick answered the phone and all I said was, “I find out on a BLOG?”  He just kind of laughed, so I congratulated them.  he said they just found out late yesterday and he’s been on the phone constantly.

Everybody is pregnant.  Nick and Amy are having a baby, Andra and Josh, Missy and Eric, Matt and Melissa.  Paul and Kim and Seth and Dana have little babies.

Zach Dotsey