I had lunch today with Michael.  His apartment is really close to where I pick up my paycheck (although they’ll be moving soon), so we went to J. Michael’s Deli.  Amanda suggested I try the Philly Cheesesteak Salad.  I had it, but with chicken instead of steak, and it was pretty yummy.  Amanda had given me a buy-one-get-one card for it so I just split the cost with Michael.  It ended up being about $4.50 each after the tip, which is pretty good.

After that I picked up my check and whatnot then went back home to work for the rest of the day.  Amanda brought some Chick-Fil-A home for dinner before we headed off to our first Wilmington Sharks baseball game.  Amanda’s boss had given out a bunch of tickets to employees and, as it turned out, residents as well.

The game was at Legion Stadium, which is right across from Sunset Park, the neighborhood we lived in when we first moved here to Wilmington.  We’d planned to go see a Hammerheads (soccer) game before when we lived over there, but we never got around to it.

Anyway, we got there and sat with Charity Lane (yup, that’s Charity’s real name) and her husband and two kids, Sarah and Ethan.  Sarah was very entertaining.  She just said whatever popped in her head, like when two guys walked up the bleachers past us and the bleachers sagged a little, she told us that those guys needed to lose some weight.  She’s an adorable and precocious little thing.

Amanda and I left after the seventh inning with the Sharks down to the Fayetteville Swampdogs, 4-1.  Amanda saw later on the news that the final score was something like 5-3.  Ah well.  It was fun.  It was also nice that we got in free, even though we spent $6 on a pretzel and a Sno Cone.  It would have been cheaper to buy beer, which was $1 tonight.

After we got home we sat about for a bit.  Amanda debated with herself then consulted with her mom about whether or not to go to her ten-year reunion in a few weeks.  First off, it’s $60 per person and it will mostly be music, dancing and hors d’vours.  To put that into perspective, my ten-year reunion was $50 per person and encompassed two nights.  The first night was informal and was held at a bar and the second night was a little more formal with hors d’vours, music and dancing.  On top of that, Amanda figures she won’t end up talking with too many people, aside from the standard updated conversations you have with people.  I’m all for not going just because I’ll only know a couple people there and I’d just as soon not pay $60 myself to stand around and snack on finger food, but I don’t want Amanda to regret not going, which she’s a little afraid she might.

I was thinking Karen would encourage her to go, just because it’s one of those milestone memories and all, but she told Amanda that she probably wouldn’t go.  Karen has a reunion coming up herself, but it’s only $20 per person.  Old people are so much more sensible.  I guess we’ll see how all that turns out.

After Amanda went to bed Michael called to see if I’d play Catan with him, which I did, twice.  The first time we had two computer players and I won, mainly thanks to getting a crapload of wheat and having a wheat port.  I guess Michael was tired of me winning, so for the second game he bumped the difficulty level and only added one computer player.  I was really close to winning that one too, but on Hard the computer players tend to get a whole lot of victory points so we both lost that one.

I got GameCals.com working!  I ended up going into the database admin and deleting everything but the one running Jason’s site then manually reinstalled everything.  It wasn’t difficult, but it was a first for me and it went pretty smoothly.  It’s getting late now, but I think I’m going to play with that a bit now.

Zach Dotsey