I spent most of the day today working on updates for one site, but I think it looks pretty good.  It involved me editing a number of photos to look like Polaroid pictures then formatting a page of reviews for a client of ours.  Turned out rather nice.

I was going to help Anna and Barry out- they needed a witness for notarizing their will, but just as I was about to walk out the door to meet them they realized that the witness couldn’t be in any way related to them.  I offered to divorce Amanda for a few minutes, but they said it wasn’t worth the trouble.

I also talked to Ben Lambeth today.  Amanda and I had tried to call him and Jessica to see if they were coming to the beach for Labor Day and they said that if there was room for them they’d love to go.  Ben told me they were at the airport about to head to Washington, DC with Jessica’s parents.  None of Jessica’s family had ever been there before.

After work Amanda and I headed out to grab something to eat, but after discussing it we both just ended up getting smoothies at the Port City Java at the Harris Teeter on College.  We tried calling Michael and, since his apartment is maybe a mile from there we stopped by his house to see if a) he could tell us what kind of smoothie Amanda had had that she liked before and b) to see if he wanted to go over to Blake and Stephanie Konny’s afterwards with us.  We didn’t know it until we talked to him later but he was at work.  We called him several times throughout the night because the Konnys live really close to him and the teams for some games we played were uneven.  He wouldn’t have been an odd man out of a couple either, which is one of his usual excuses.

So we went to Blake and Stephanie’s.  Mike and Kaitlyn were there before us and people trickled in afterwards.  Blake had made a whole bunch of cookies for the night.  We all ended up playing The Blake Game (Amanda and I were on the same team, which almost made it unfair- we did win) then we played Scattergories.  There were some boisterous discussions about some of the finer points of the rules, but the team Amanda and I were on was thoroughly trounced (with asterisks).

When we got home Amanda and I thought about watching a movie but we slipped around the television, which reminded me that one of my other clients was going to be on The Dog Whisperer tonight.  I saw that it was on and we turned it on during a commercial, but luckily enough as soon as the commercial was over her segment came on.  Pretty cool!

So, I’d thought about not going to go see The Old 97’s tomorrow night.  It’s a two hour trip both ways and I found out that they wouldn’t be playing until 9:00.  But, they are pretty much my favorite band, I’ve never seen them come to North Carolina before and the show is free, so I really couldn’t, in good conscience, not go.  So I’m going to go see The Old 97’s tomorrow!  Jason and Joel went to see them in Charlotte tonight and Jason texted me a two-word message, the second word of which was “awesome”.  The fact that he cared enough to even text told me all I needed to know.

Zach Dotsey