Look, Nick, you made the headline.

I think I got a total of about twelve hours of sleep last night, from the time I started napping to the time I got up this morning.  And man did I feel heavy.  I had gotten to bed at about 1:30 or so on Saturday night, got up for church, tried to doze a little after church but never got around to it, surfed all day then crashed early.  I had a great time, but man did I feel just beat today.

Work was really busy in the morning, but it eventually calmed down to a more manageable pace.  Michael called around 1:00 or so and asked if I’d meet him at PT’s Grille for lunch, so I did that.  The AC in my car still hasn’t been fixed and it was really hot and muggy today.  My glasses fogged up within seconds of getting into the car.

After lunch I came back and kept on working.  Amanda had the bag run todat so she got home a little bit earlier than usual.  We called Nick and Amy to see if they wanted to go eat with us at… I forget the name of the place, but it’s a little Italian place up by the Food Lion by Northchase.  Papa Bella’s- I just looked it up.  We met them at a little after 6:30 and ate.  It took a while for me and Amanda to get the calzone we ordered so a guy there made us some doughnut type desserts which were extremely yummy.

We left the restaurant around 7:30, I guess a little before that, so as to not take up space but we just sat right back down outside of the place.  We talked about our small groups a bit then the discussion turned to baby names, which I think took up the bulk of the conversation until 9:50 when we finally took off.  My favorite names we came up with were Libido Warkentien and Violent Justice, although I think it sounds better as a Dotsey name than a Warkentien name.  Violent Justice Dotsey.  What do you think, Nick?  I know you’re reading this.  Is this entry brief enough for you?  Yeah, I know you can hear me.  Leave a comment, I dare you.

Amanda got ready for bed pretty much as soon as we got home and I took an Aleve for a headache that has been plaguing me today.

Zach Dotsey