I woke up a little after 8:00 to the sound of the phone ringing next to the bed.  Amanda had left something at home that she needed for work, so I got myself up and ran it there for her.  On the way back home I stopped by Michael’s Port City Java and let him pour me some orange juice and got a blueberry muffin.  Good stuff.

I got back home just after 9:00 and proceeded to be pretty busy all day.  I’ll likely be pretty busy again tomorrow.  That’s okay though- I’ve set some goals for myself and keeping busy helps get me closer to them.  I feel pretty wiped out though.

Amanda made some egg and cheese sandwiches for dinner, and I was going to play Catan with Michael while she did that but he was about to go meet his small group at Flaming Amy’s.  Since the Xbox was already on I figured I’d just go ahead and play some Grand Theft Auto IV. I started one mission and died then turned it off because I knew Amanda wouldn’t care to sit there watching me play it.  We watched The Soup instead.

Michael came by a little while later and we played Settlers of Catan.  He won pretty handily and I sucked pretty mightily.  Amanda was starting to do pretty well, but it was too late by that time.

Michael’s developed a pretty big crush on Nanny Carrie.  She was in the coffee house again today and as always was very nice and friendly.  Part of it is that she’s really pretty, but Michael says she’s really just so nice and down to earth.  He thought about seeing if she’d want to go hang out, just to get to know her better and try to become friends with her (she’s got a fiancee so he really doesn’t have any true aspirations for romance), but he chickened out.

The rest of the evening consisted of the three of us watching Wipeout and some of I Survived a Japanese Game Show.  I know we weren’t planning on really watching the latter very often, but it’s entertaining enough and we’re usually not doing much on Tuesday nights anyway.

Now that I’m done with typing all this I may putz around on the computer a bit, tweaking my sites, or I might go watch Robin Hood, the episode on the DVR being the penultimate episode for the season.  I’ve got a Deadwood too, but I doubt I can make it through both right now.

Zach Dotsey