I did end up watching both the BBC’s Robin Hood and HBO’s Deadwood last night.

I sent an e-mail out this morning to the members of our small group strongly urging everyone to show up for our September 3rd meeting.  Amanda and I have chosen that time to have a discussion about commitment and what people are trying to get out of the group.  Kyle called me a little bit after I sent it and we decided to meet for lunch.  We discussed several things, including the decision to lead a new small group, which he and Lorin have been praying about.

Work was really busy.  Lots to do yesterday, lots to do today, lots to do tomorrow.

After work Amanda and I went to PetSmart because Cobb was almost out of food.  We went ahead and picked up some food for the dogs too then headed out to Wrightsville Beach.  Small group tonight ended up just being me and Amanda and Mike, so it wasn’t really small group.  Amanda wished she’d known Kaitlyn wasn’t coming because she sat bored on the shore while Mike and I went out to catch some waves.  Theo and Josh were there too.  It was windy and choppy which did not the best surfing conditions make, but we did manage to catch a few.

Amanda and I came on home after a bit.  I started watching Mallrats, which was just coming on HBO, but since Amanda had just watched it a few days ago she wasn’t up for it, so we watched a new Ghost Hunters International.

I played a little Grand Theft Auto IV after Amanda went to bed then Michael and I played Catan.  I had nine points and was about to win but one of the computer players had six points, built a settlement, played a Soldier card and revealed a Victory Point all in one turn to steal my game.  If Michael hadn’t come out of nowhere at the beginning to take the wood port I was going to go after I’d have easily won the game.  That is so freaking frustrating.

Zach Dotsey