Amanda convinced me that I need to work on a photography site, and she’s right.  I wanted to do something pretty simple so I looked at a few other sites to get some ideas and these are what I came up with and I just need to decide if I want to go light or dark.  I’m leaning heavily towards dark, but I want to get some input from some other people first.

Thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment.  To do so click on the place at the top under the title where it says “Comments” and it’ll take you to where you can leave one.  I don’t expect anyone to actually leave one, but it would be nice, people!

Today wasn’t quite as busy with work as I thought.  Not that it wasn’t busy, but I was expecting it to be busier is all.  I did have a big flurry at the end with one client.  Amanda came home during that and laughed at me while I was on the phone.

This week has gone by pretty fast- I can’t believe it’ll be Friday soon.

Speaking of Friday, Seth and Dana are coming over tomorrow night.  We’ll probably play some Rock Band, although I said something to Amanda tonight about introducing them to Settlers of Catan.  We’ll see.

Amanda and I had dinner at O’Charlie’s tonight.  There wasn’t much food around the house and neither of us felt like cooking (been a long time since I’ve done that- I should do it sometime soon), so we went out.  Nothing too eventful there- Amanda had her usual Caesar salad and potato soup and I tried a Cuban sandwich or some such.  It was good.

We came home and Amanda caught up on her Facebook account while I watched Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.  I think I’d seen it before.  We saw it while flipping around on HBO On Demand and I’d thought a while back that it would be fun to see some MST3K, so I watched it.  Amanda looked at some YouTube videos then we flipped around on the TV for a while.

Other than working on that design I’ve just been watching Batman Begins.  Speaking of that, Michael went with Anna and Barry to see The Dark Knight tonight.

The Olympics begin a week from tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to them, and I think it’s mostly because of Mike Krzyzewski coaching the men’s basketball.

Zach Dotsey