I went surfing after work today.  Michael had called up earlier in the day and asked if I wanted to go and I told him I’d check the surf report around 5:00 to see what it was like out there.  The surf report said that what was out there was about shin-high and nobody was out there.  I decided to go anyway because of a few reasons; Michael’s trying to get better at it, I’m trying to get better at it and it would be good exercise even if we were just out there paddling around.  I left a few minutes after Amanda got home.

I don’t regret having gone, because I had a really good time.

Before we went out to surf Anna warned us about the jellyfish out there.  Theo had gotten stung just yesterday, which was slightly eerie because as we were leaving Anna and Barry’s Theo was just pulling up.

Barry went out, I think because Michael went out and he’s been trying to get Michael into surfing for years.  Before he came out Michael and I caught nothing on our longboards, but I told Michael when I saw Barry about to get in the water that he’d catch several before we did, and sure enough as he was paddling out he turned around and caught a wave.  And indeed, on his shortboard, he caught a few waves before Michael and I caught any at all.

I started catching some soon after though, and Barry was very encouraging.  He said my paddling was definitely stronger and I was catching waves easier.  He said I seemed to be developing good instincts on when to stand up too.  He said that after I caught one wave that I felt particularly good about.

I can’t really explain what felt so good about that one and a couple others I got tonight.  I paddled hard and kept up with the wave then popped right up, and it just felt really right.  I had good balance and the board was skimming the water just so, and I felt like I was going fast and was in control.  I don’t know, if you don’t surf it’s pretty hard to describe.  Heck, it’s hard to describe if you do surf.

Anyway, we caught a lot more than I expected us to.  I mean the waves weren’t crazy awesome but we had a number of good sets.  Michael got better as the evening wore on too, and Barry told us we should come out every day, so Michael and I decided that we’d do that.  It’s good, because we were playing basketball for a while every few days but it’s been so hot out lately that that’s fallen by the wayside a bit.

Barry went in and we followed maybe half an hour later.  The Frazelles were finishing up dinner and Anna offered us some, so we had corn on the cob, a casserole (with chicken and broccoli, Erin!), some bread and some salad.  I picked at a few blueberries afterwards as we were sitting around talking.

As it got to be 9:00 I decided I should get on home to my lovely wife.  She had predicted it would be about 9:00 before I got home and she wasn’t far off.

On the way home I talked to Pap.  He and Baba are going to her 64th high school class reunion this weekend in northern Kentucky, then they’re going to see Baba’s brother’s widow in Cincinatti.  She’s apparently carried on some sort of tradition Uncle Ernie started.  Aunt Terry is driving them up there.  I’m glad they’re getting out and doing things.

I got home and found Amanda watching Locked Up Abroad.  This one was about an English couple helping an orphanage when they got kidnapped by Chechen rebels for I think it was fourteen months.

Amanda went to bed after that and I played Catan with Michael.  (Because, as Amanda said, I hadn’t spent enough time with him today.)  When I first turned the Xbox on I got a red ring, and I was pretty upset about it.

The red ring, otherwise known as the “Red Ring of Death” is a phenomenon all too common on many Xbox 360s.  It happens when you power up the Xbox 360 and instead of a nice neon green light around the power button you get a red one.  It means that the unit is seriously effed up and you have to ship it to Microsoft for repairs.  I told Amanda and she came downstairs, took a look at it on the floor and said, “Aren’t there supposed to be two cords coming out of the back?”

Indeed there were.  Amanda had unplugged the Xbox 360 and put it in the TV cabinet, and when I pulled it out I forgot to plug in the video cable.  I felt like an idiot but I was really relieved.

Michael won the first game of Catan while I had probably my worst game ever, ending up with three points.  I realized my mistake early on with my choice of initial settlement spots.  I won the second game though, so I felt pretty decent about it.  One odd thing is that Michael and I didn’t block each other at all in either game.  In the first one I was no threat at all and I decided I’d root for him since I had no shot.  In the second one a lot of our settlements were sharing spaces, but aside from that I think neither one of us wanted to start feuding with the other.

Worked out well for both of us I guess.

Nick left a comment on one of my entries on the site!  I think that’s got to be the first one in about a year!  Thanks, Nick!

Oh yeah, Michael talked to Torrey DeVitto, who frequents the coffee shop where he works, again today.  She had come in recently talking about how she wanted pancakes, so Michael said something to her today about getting some.  She said her fiancee was coming to town and that he liked pancakes too, so maybe they all could.  I can’t quite recall what he said after that, but here’s the thing.  Michael thinks the girl is really pretty, which she is, and he knows that with her being engaged, plus the fact that she’s an actress in lives in Los Angeles, about as far across the continental U.S. as you can go, that nothing would ever be likely to happen romantically between them.  However, he also thinks she’s a really nice person and wouldn’t mind getting to know her and maybe become friends with her.  So, Torrey, if by some strange chance you happen to read this, he’s not really coming on to you.  Hang out with him- he’s a great guy.  And if you get the chance, find a nice girl for him to go out with.

Zach Dotsey