There was a pizza, a Red Baron pizza, in the freezer.  I can’t remember how long ago Amanda and I bought it, but it seems like every time I suggested fixing it, Amanda wasn’t in the mood to have it.  So I fixed it myself today for lunch.  Yummers.

Michael came by to pick me up after work today to go to Wrightsville Beach and go surfing.  Amanda said she wanted to go out there too, so this way I figured all around gas would be saved this way.  Well, Michael got to the house just a few minutes before Amanda was going to arrive, so she suggested waiting on her and we’d all just ride over together.  She was going to take pictures of us too, which I was excited about because I’m always the one taking the pictures and I have no decent pictures of me surfing.

So we got out there and it looked about like it did on Saturday- extremely flat.  We decided to float around a bit anyway and we were able to catch a few shore breaking waves, but nothing really special.  Barry came out after a while and it did pick up, but he didn’t stay out for long.

Michael got stung- or something- this evening.  He got a small red mark on his shin and Barry and I got out to check on him for a minute, but if it was a jellyfish it must have just grazed him or something.  When he got out a girl that was walking by came over and said she’d been stung too.  She had a nice big red mark on her leg.  Barry and I thought she might have been trying to talk to Michael, but he hardly said anything to her.  We thought she was kinda cute, but Michael wasn’t impressed.  I joked with him later, telling him later that he can’t compare every gril to Torrey DeVitto.

Michael and I stayed out until it was almost dark.  Again, there weren’t any great waves, but we were catching a good number of them.  Michael liked them that way, but I’d prefer them a little larger, faster and further out.

We walked back to the Frazelle house, where they and Amanda had eaten dinner already and took off after a few minutes.  Amanda was itching to go, so I’ve decided that we’ll have to not drive out with her anymore.  It’s annoying to her to have to wait, but we want to be able to stay in the water as long as there’s something to catch.

We stopped by the Wendy’s at Landfall Shopping Center to grab some food for me and Michael and we were going to go in and order but they were already mopping the floor in front of the registers at a little after 8:30.  The guy mopping just looked at us and didn’t even say, “Come on in” or “Sorry” or give us any indication of either.

After we got home Michael took off and Amanda and I watched Wipeout, which was a compilation show put together as an award show.  I don’t know if the season is over for it already or what.  Michael called after a bit to see about going out surfing tomorrow morning.  I plan on going tomorrow night anyway, but he’s got to work in the evening.  I let him convince me, so I’ll be going to bed in just a few minutes and I guess I’ll be getting up at 6:30 to meet him out there at 7:00.  I’m half dreading getting up, but I’m a little excited to be motivated enough to get out there early too.

Good night.

Zach Dotsey