Got up, got to Wrightsville around 11:00, surfed most of that time until 4:00.  Because the Wahine Contest was being held in my surf spot there was very little area to surf in and that little area was crowded.  Mike and Kaitlyn Bosclajon were out there for a while, but Lars got frustrated.  Mike Ashcraft was out there too.  His daughter, Madison, was in the Wahine Contest.  Michael came a bit later.

Talked to Andra and I thought Amanda and I were going to get Jackson tonight, but we didn’t.  Like taking away Christmas.  I was going to teach him to surf, have s’mores, buy him a comic book.  Met a different Jackson out surfing though, this eight year old kid who was learning to surf.  He talked to me a bunch, and Michael said I was now his mentor.  Poor kid could have a much better surf mentor.  He was a cool kid though.

Amanda left the beach but Michael and I stayed a little while.  Decided to grill out so we stopped by Michael’s then went back home.  At my place, I almost beat Michael in College Hoops 2K7 but lost by one point.  Did use a custom team though.  Adam and Renee came over and Allen Butler and his girlfriend, Jenny came over.  Amanda and Michael were friends with Allen and his sister growing up.  Renee ended up tending the grill.  Had dinner, talked a bunch, nice time.


Zach Dotsey