Went to church, picked up some bagels then came home for a bit.  Left a message for Andra but she never called back.

Lazed about a bit- I was worn out from surfing and tired.  Went to Wrightsville anyway after a bit.  Michael came to our house to drop off some laundry and went out with us.  Water was rough and choppy.  Jackson was there again.  Another kid talked to me too.  Michael says I’m their mentor now.  They could do much better, if they want someone to teach them to surf.

I went out and the leash detatch from my ankle.  Got smashed a second time and it snapped again so I took it in and traded up, but Michael was tired by then and I wasn’t liking the water, so didn’t end up going back in.  Michael did fine though.  Anna and Barry came out as we were leaving.  Girls went walking, guys went to surf shops.  Getting Ali looked at.  Barry taught us a bit about boards.

Went home, stopped by Lowe’s Food on the way so Michael could pick up some fried chicken (smelled some at Wrightsville).  Amanda and I provided the sides (leftovers from last night) then we ate dinner and watched Superbad, which was really funny.  Enjoyed Michael Cera.

Watched Olympics.  Michael Phelps set record for most medals and most in a single Olympics.  I fell asleep on the couch.

Zach Dotsey