Finally watcehd some Team USA basketball today.  They were obliterating Germany when I turned it on.

Work flew by today.  Lots to do tomorrow still, thought I worked about an hour late.

Went surfing at Wrightsville.  Barry and Kirsten were out there.  Waves were fun.  Michael didn’t make it out today.  Not going to be able to come out much this week- told him I’d get over my plateau while he was away and I’d be so much better than him.  Barry and I stayed out until the sun went down then Anna made us sandwiches.

Amanda’s getting to the point where she missed me because I didn’t get home until 9:30.  I’m getting in better shape though- I’ve noticed.  She said she noticed too, but then admitted she was lying because she sees me every day.  Fink.

I told her I wanted her to come out with me today, but she didn’t want to because it was Monday and she doesn’t like Mondays.

Zach Dotsey