I e-mailed Jennifer Hunt, the lady who was doing the charity purses at www.uniqueworldtrends.com yesterday, or maybe it was before yesterday- I can’t remember now.  No, it must have been yesterday.  Anyway, I e-mailed her and told her I’d like to help her out with her site.  She mailed back today and so we’re going to discuss it tomorrow.  I’d have talked to her today but work was really busy.

So it turns out Amanda does look at this website now and then.  If you’re reading this, my lovely little wife, I’d like to say hello to you.  You can leave a comment it you want by clicking where it says “0 Comments.”  That goes for anyone else looking at this site too.  In the last year the only person who has left a comment was Nick Warkentien, for which I thank him.  Others have left comments too, but it’s been over a year.

I mentioned going surfing to Seth Holloman today, so he might join me sometime soon.  He said his wife, Dana Holloman, wants to learn too.  Amanda, if you’re reading this, you should try surfing.  Everyone’s doing it.

I went surfing myself this evening, and had a pretty good time at it.  Barry Frazelle was left alone in the house by the time I arrived, with his wife and daughter, Anna and Kirsten Frazelle, having gone off to open house.  Kirsten is moving up to high school this year.  So Barry and I headed on out.  He gave me some tips about turning with the board, and I started turning better.  I used Betty today.

Barry had gotten a message from Mike at Surf City today, but hadn’t been able to call him back.  Barry had asked about some NSP boards on my behalf and they were out of them, but Mike called to let him know Barry could tell him what he wanted and he’d order it.  Of course, Barry would want me to go in and check it out with him, plus he wants to see what we can get for Ali, the board Charlie Bowsher gave me.  Barry said it’s a retro board and while it’s pretty fun to look at, it’s not going to be what I need.

Anyway, after the surfing I munched on some snacks there with Barry then headed on home, where I watched half of Wipeout with Amanda.  It was one of the one or two episodes we’d missed before.  I played a little College Hoops 2K7 for a little while as Amanda typed messages to the members of our small group trying to pin down times to meet and talk with them.  She went to bed, my game froze up, as they sometimes do in my Xbox 360, so I played a game of Catan with Michael.

The poor guy did abysmally and ended up with only two points.  That’s how many points your start with.  He was able to make two roads and that was all.  I ended up winning, and I probably would have anyway but it didn’t hurt that Michael was willing to trade everything he had for one of whatever I wanted to offer him.  He also did that for one of the computer players a time or two, so that helps ease my guilt.

After that we played a little bit of Call of Duty 4, just a couple rounds.

Zach Dotsey