Knowing the game a little better now than I did, I decided to start over on College Hoops 2K7, still taking my first coaching job with the Campbell Fighting Camels, which is Amanda’s alma mater, as Coach Bob Redford (thank you, Jason Revill).  I signed up for a pre-season tournament and ended up miraculously knocking off Ohio State in the first round, then going on to beat Loyola, winning the game by breaking a tie with a Sean Dockery-esque three pointer at the end of regulation.  After that the Camels pretty much mopped up IUPUI to win the tournament.  IUPUI stands for Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  I just looked that up.  With a name like that it seems like they purposely made the school a palindrome.

One of the dogs appeared to have peed in the bed last night, probably early this morning. I woke up and felt a wet spot on my side of the bed and assumed out of hand that it was probably from Bruce or Harvey licking the bed.  they both like to lick things sometimes.  But then I felt it and smelt it and it turned out to be pee.  At first I was like, “I didn’t pee in the bed at 30 years old, did I?”  But from the smell I’m certain it was dog pee.  I had Amanda check and she confirmed.

I think it was Harvey, because he didn’t go out to pee late in the night like Bruce did.  Amanda countered though that Harvey has gone to the door and barked when he needed to be let out before.  I don’t know.  I do know that I washed the sheets.

As I expected, work was quite busy today, so when my youngest sister, Andra Sawyer, called and said that she, Josh and Jackson would be coming tomorrow instead of their originally-planned today, it was okay by me.  Josh’s family gets a place at Oak Island every year, and when they do they like to come check out downtown Wilmington a bit, which is less than an hour away.

Amanda and I have decided to meet with each couple in our small group to get an idea of their expectations, discuss commitment and talk about how to go forward with it.  We hadn’t gotten a whole lot in the way of responses since I sent out an e-mail about it, so Amanda e-mailed everyone herself and we got feedback from a few people.  She took a more direct route.

Tonight we met with Justin Hauenstein at the Port City Java inside the Harris Teeter across from K-Mart.  His wife, Lisa, was going to meet with us, but they had just run out of a medication she’s being given for her ongoing mystery condition and found out just how much it had been helping.  That is, she was feeling terrible, so we just met with Justin.  He was a pretty easy practice run for us.

After our meeting with him we stopped by Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer’s apartment to drop off a package that had come in the mail for him.  He orders a lot of shirts online and one had come in.  He was watching Weekend at Bernie’s because it was filmed near here and he wanted to see if he recognized any places.

We went on home after a few minutes.  Amanda watched the Olympics and I played College Hoops 2K7.  In between my BCA Classic Tournament games I also played a game of Catan with Michael.  It was on hard with the two of us and a computer player.  Shortly after the game started Michael got disconnected, and when that happens a computer takes the place of the dropped player.  I won that one pretty handily.

Zach Dotsey