I woke up at 5:30 this morning and got to Port City Community Church, where I played switcher to Evan Vetter’s directing.  Mike Paschal was back along with his new bride, Kirsten.  I didn’t talk to them much though.

Amanda was nice enough to bring me a hoodie and my iPhone, both of which I’d left at home.  The control room where all the video equipment is kept gets pretty cold. We had a nice lunch of taco salads and brownies.  The message today was about praying, and it was a pretty good one.

After church I went back to the house to meet up with my lovely little wife, Amanda Dotsey, and her brother, Michael Mercer.  He had gone to the 12:30 service today.  The three of us went to Wrightsville Beach for a bit.  Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon and Justin and Lisa Hauenstein were already there.  I went out surfing a bit with the two Mikes and came in after a bit, letting Justin use my rash guard and Betty to go give it a try.  He did pretty good.  The waves were quite fun, I thought.  I caught a number of them, even though my lats are still pretty sore now from paddling to and from Masonboro Island yesterday.

Amanda and I have been looking on craigslist.com for surfboards.  We e-mailed a couple people yesterday about some.  There’s a 7’2″ NSP not far from where we live, which would be perfect, but the guy never let me know when he was back in for me to come by and look at it.  There was another one, a Bic (yes, the people who make cheap pens and lighters also make surfboards), that was only a few blocks down from Anna and Barry’s house, so I checked that out when we were leaving Wrightsville.  It wasn’t bad, a little dinged up on the surface, but it felt very much like plastic.  Barry told me that Bics were pretty tough, just like NSPs, but I think I’m leaning towards the NSP and want to hold out  until I can see that.  I did like the design on the board though.  It had one red stripe going up the right side with a Hawaiian floral pattern in it.

Amanda made a grilled chicken salad for us for dinner and it was yummy.  I started dozing off on the couch before and after dinner and was awoken at 9:15 to do my fantasy football draft.  Michael said he wasn’t going to help, but he’s too into fantasy football not to.  I ended up letting him take over and just falling asleep in the papasan.

Oh, Team USA won the basketball Olympic gold today against Spain, fulfilling their name of Redeem Team after a bronze finish in the last Olympic games.  I wish I’d seen it- I think they only won by seven.  Congrats to everyone, but as a Duke fan, I want to congratulate Coach Mike Krzyzewski the most.  All of the players had great things to say about him and his effort to pull the team together and make them work together as a team.  Now he can get back to focusing on Duke basketball and maybe get us into the Final Four or better this year.  All the publicity and praise ought to help with recruiting, too.

Zach Dotsey