I had a meeting first thing this morning with a client we’d finished the site for.  He was making his final payment, getting me to set up his e-mail and getting a few questions about how things work answered.  He seems like a pretty nice guy.

Work continues to be crazy busy.  We haven’t had a lot in the way of new sites lately, but we’ve sure had enough maintenance and update work to keep us really busy.

We met with Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon at The Connection tonight to discuss the state of our small group.  They’re on board with everything we said, which is great.  We’ll be meeting with Elliot and Melissa on Wednesday but we still haven’t heard back from Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner.

Amanda got a raise today, and a pretty decent one at that!  They were supposed to get their reviews and raises already, so they’re starting the new wages as of last week, which is awesome.  I mean, it’s not enough that I could quit working (not that I’d want to), but it’s a very helpful raise.  It’s more than she’s gotten the past two years combined.

The guy with the NSP board hasn’t called me back yet, so Amanda said that in light of the raise, we may just get me a brand new board.

I spent some time playing College Hoops 2K7 tonight.  I was talking to Michael over an Xbox Live chat channel as my Campbell team struggled in a game and he struggled in an online matchup in Madden 09.

Zach Dotsey