I was tired this morning from working late. Did some work then took the Jetta to get inspected and picked up my new surfboard from Hot Wax. I got a blue one but Amanda convinced me to change back to green, but green was sold out.

Got home, did some more work. Finished getting stuff together, Amanda got home a little after noon. I took Harvey to Warkentiens’, helped Amy show him around. Michael grabbed lunch from Subway, loaded up the boards with Amanda and we left. Got gas then went back to house to make sure we had fin key for the Banana.

Got to Topsail about 45 minutes later than planned. Amanda’s grandparents, Patsy, Bobby, Tripp and Anna Hawkins, Jon and Kaylee were all there. Kaylee took some time getting warmed up to me. Terry and Ryan were there but had gone to store. That’s not how Keylee’s name is spelled, by the way. It’s something like Caileigh, but I can’t remember for now so I’m typing Kaylee.

Our neighbor, Bonnie Narron, who is watching Bruce, called. She’s going to visit her sister in Mebane and wanted to know if she could take Bruce with her. We told her that was fine with us and thought our puppy might have himself an adventure.

Michael and I went surfing at Topsail soon after we got there. Some decent sets, but waves were mostly a bit mushy. Caught some fun ones on the new board, much easier to turn I think. Haven’t really settled on a name for it.

While we were surfing we saw some porpoises that were really close. After we got out of the water we played ladder ball, Michael and Ryan against me and Amanda. We were tied at one game each when we saw the porpoises again, even closer this time. Ryan went out, then Michael then me. They were so close to us! Amanda took pictures, and the pictures make them look closer than they were, but you get an idea of how close we were to them. Some people sitting on the beach near us went out also, and Amanda gave them this web address so they could see the pictures too.  Honestly, I’d have to say it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.

Frazelles came, we ate dinner and just all hung out for a bit. Amanda and I went for a walk. A little later we went over to the other beach house across the street, the one we’re staying in, and Ben and Jessica Lambeth arrived. We played Trivial Pursuit– me and Ryan, Ben and Michael, Amanda and Jessica. Amanda and Jessica got the last piece of pie, but other teams had all but one pie too and we didn’t go to the center to end it. So it wasn’t over to me and Michael.

Zach Dotsey