It was back to work today.  It wasn’t terribly busy, but it was busy enough to keep me, well, busy.  I’ve got a report I’m working on for Scott to see if we can implement some exciting new ideas down the road.

I was going to go surfing after work, but I had a headache all day and the prospect of paddling out didn’t appeal to me.  From what I read on the surf report though, it looked pretty awesome out.  You know, I just realized that I haven’t taken my new board out to Wrightsville yet.  Anyway, we’ve got Hurricane Hanna on the way and she’s stirring up some waves, and it’s supposed to be good tomorrow too.  They say it will get a bit too rough on Friday, although I don’t think they know yet exactly where Hanna will make landfall.

I just saw on the news that Hanna is just a tropical storm at this point and is predicted to hit South Carolina as a category one hurricane on Friday evening.  Another one, Ike, is out there now too.

I was watching Deadwood when Amanda cam home and started fixing chicken, baked beans and green beans.  I really liked the ending of this episode of Deadwood.  There was so much that happened- the preacher died, the army came to town, Bullock became sheriff and got with Mrs. Garret, not to mention that he beat up her slimy dad.  Swearengen got rid of his warrant problem and showed a sensitive side when he put the preacher out of his misery.  At the end of all this it showed Swearengen looking out over his bar late in the night.  There were people milling about and you had the feeling that things were winding down for the night, that pretty soon everybody would be asleep.  The piano played as the doc danced with… I forget her name- the gimpy woman with whom he fitted a leg.

After Deadwood, and while we were eating dinner, we watched Waitress.  Amanda had wanted to see it before, and I noticed it was on HBO but had already started, so I checked HBO On Demand and it was playing on there.  We both enjoyed it well enough, although I thought the complete and utter liberation at the end was a bit sudden.  I mean, (SPOILER ALERT) you knew she’d leave the husband, but the way she handled the doctor seemed a bit, I don’t know, mean?  Dismissive maybe is more like it.

We flipped around the TV for a bit after that, settling on a Dicovery Health show about gigantism.  Amanda went to bed during/after that and I watched something about the question of when life was actually ended.  I learned on there that in 1907 someone did an experiment and found the weight of a soul to be 3/4 of an ounce.  I then watched something about sextuplets and am currently watching something about conjoined twins who are turning 16 and function as normal teenagers.  Good for them, right?  I just wonder how it will affect them with relationships and the like down the road.  I mean, each head is a separate person with a separate personality, but aside from having an extra head their body is pretty much normal.  So does one guy marry both of them?  If so, do the girls get jealous of each other?

Zach Dotsey