Amanda forwarded me a link to the above video.  I posted it on the message board and a BBQ discussion ensued that ended up making me yearn for some for lunch.  Since I had to pick up a CD from a client near downtown, I picked Amanda up for lunch and asked if she could think of any BBQ places within lunchtime distance from her work.  We ended up going to Smithfield’s on 17th Extension.  Since it’s right across the street from where my brother, Adam Dotsey, works, we called him and he met us for lunch.

We talked a lot.  It’s not really my place to say what about just yet, but we talked and I think, I hope anyway, that it was a good talk.

Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, came by the house a little before 5:00.  When I finished up with work we loaded up he boards and headed out to Wrightsville Beach, where I promptly locked my keys in the car.  I called Amanda and we, along with Barry Frazelle, his uncle, went out to the beach.  Amanda came by and walked for a little bit on the beach with Anna Frazelle (her aunt, Barry’s wife), but I didn’t see her.  She did see me though.  I only caught a few particularly good waves and she saw me on one I rode all the way to the shore.

Theo got out kind of late and Lars got there right before dark it seemed.  The waves were okay, like I hinted at before.  They were breaking pretty hard on a sandbar and I wiped out a bunch, which was frustrating.  On one of my wipeouts the wave dropped the surfboard and turned it over and I landed on it, smacking against the fins.  Luckily I didn’t get sliced.  I don’t think I’ve even got a bruise.

I rode one in then had the issue of getting back out for a bit.  I tried then got tired and sat on the beach for a few, then when I was about to try Zach Dotsey › Edit — WordPressagain I saw Michael on the shore heading in, so I went ahead and left too.  Barry said the waves should be really good in the morning, so I might head out for that.

A couple days ago I tore part of my toenail, about halfway down, on my pinky toe, and it’s been hanging on there every since, reminding me that it’s there with a sharp pain now and then when I catch it on a sheet or something.  I fully expected that it would rip off at some point in the water, but it didn’t.  I’ve thought about pulling it off myself, but I figure it might grow back on and heal on its own, and if that’s the case, why bother putting myself through the pain it’ll cause?  Maybe it’ll come off tomorrow morning.

I got home and ate some Frosted Flakes and watched a pretty good Ghost Hunters with Amanda.  I missed some of it, having dozed off, but the reveal had some crazy good EVPs and a locked door opening by itself.

The big question on everyone’s minds here is what Hurricane Hanna will do.  I think it’s actually a tropical storm right now, but regardless, people are thinking it will hit somewhere around Southport or here in Wilmington very early on Saturday morning as a category one or two.  These hurricanes, they tend to hit at night.

Zach Dotsey