Amanda just called from work and said it’s pouring there and wanted to make sure I’d gotten everything taken care of.  As she called it just started raining a little.  It’s a good thing she called because I fotgot to move the dumpster to the backyard.  I also need to lower the backetball goal to the ground, which isn’t something I can do on my own.  I moved it to the edge of the house for now to try to avoid it getting blown over at least.  I called Michael because he was planning on coming over for the night with his cats, Mooo! and Goat, in case of flooding or anything.  Anyway, I wanted to see where he was and if he could help me with the goal.  He was on his way to pick up his paycheck and said it was puring pretty bad where he was too.  He should be here in a bit, after he gets his check, his cats and his clothes.

Right before I got off the phone it started raining a bit harder.