I woke up this morning when my dad, Jerry Dotsey, called to see how things were going in preparation for Tropical Storm Hanna and to remind us that if we needed to get out of Wilmington that we were welcome to go to Rougemont.  We chatted for a few minutes then I went ahead and got up to start getting ready for the storm.  As I said, we’re not too worried about it, but we’ve got lots of stuff outside that can be clown around with the wind.  So I took chairs, chimes, flower pots and lawn ornaments inside and turned over the two outside tables we have.  Our yards look so barren now.  I also cleared out the recycling, figuring it could all get wet.

Fortunately, work hasn’t been too busy today yet so far.

I’m doing something a little different with this post.  Usually if I have an opportunity to write on here early in the day I’ll just make notes and publish it later, but I think I’ll do this as one post and just make another one later.

I just went upstairs a few minutes ago to finally put a Band Aid on my right pinky toe.  I figured it would not only help me keep the half-nail from being bumped and causing me pain, but that it would also help hold it together until it can fix itself.  As I was about to do that though, I noticed that it’s being held on by such a tiny little bit that I might as well take it off.  So here goes, live on the keyboard.

It took me a bit of poking and fiddling around with it to do it, but I finally did it.  It’s very red and I  can see a little blood in the corner where I pulled up, but the sting is already going away.  Wait, no it’s not.  But at least I won’t have to worry about every little touch on the shred of toenail giving me pain.  And the bottom half of the nail is still there, so while it looks like an ingrown toenail right now it should be fine before long.

It rained a little while I was loading up the recycling and tossing that in the bins at Lowe’s Food, but it’s not doing anything now.

Zach Dotsey