There’s really nothing to report as far as Tropical Storm Hanna goes.  It’s not even really raining here and there’s not a whole lot of wind, although a Weather Channel guy at Wrightsville Beach said the wind was gusting up to about 55 miles per hour.  Hanna’s still off the coast of South Carolina.

After breakfast-dinner Michael and I played NBA 2K9.  I got ahead by two points early in the third quarter, but he still ended up beating me by about 30.

While we were doing that Amanda was watching some episodes of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.  Michael and I kicked her off of that and we all watched The Mist, which I’d heard good things about when it was in the theater.  I read the short story by Stephen King years ago, although I don’t remember a whole lot about it.  I thought the movie was really pretty good, and the ending was one of the worst (in a good way) of movie endings I can think of.

Amanda and I filled up some containers with water on the off chance that we’ll need them then she went to bed.  Michael and I are sitting here watching TV right now.

Zach Dotsey