Hurricane Hanna who?  I stayed up pretty late last night and the power blinked a couple times, but that was about it.  I found three or so shingles on the ground this morning and there were a few small limbs down, but I don’t think anybody around here had any serious damage.

We called up Nick and Amy Warkentien this morning to see if they wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, but they were already planning on making a big old breakfast there, so they invited us over for that instead.  Amy’s sister, Alysse Cuthbert (thank you, Facebook, for the spelling and last name- I couldn’t remember Amy’s maiden name, which actually came up in conversation this morning while fixing breakfast), was in town visiting them.

Nick did a spot on rendition of my writing style on this site.  So in light of that, just to spite him, I’m not going to discuss how Amanda and I stopped to pick up some stuff for the breakfast at Lowe’s Food then got a call from them to pick up some eggs, prompting us to stop at Food Lion.

Anyway, we had breakfast (notice there’s no list of exactly what we ate) and hung out for a little bit then Amanda and I went back to the house for a few to change into bathing suits and let the dogs out before Nick and Amy and Alysse came to the house and we all rode over to Wrightsville Beach.  We all headed out and sat on the sand for a bit until Michael came out, at which point Nick and I headed back to the Frazelles’ house and picked up surfboards.  We had a pretty tough time getting out there and once we did the waves weren’t breaking very well for us anyway.  It was really crowded out too, and Michael and I kept getting cut off.  It was alright.

I came in after a while and we all went by the grocery store and got stuff to make enchiladas.  Nick played Othello on my iPhone and proudly won a game.

After dinner we all played Settlers of Catan.  I was about to win.  I had nine points and two ways to win, but everyone teamed up on me and Michael pulled off the victory.  I knew he was doing it, too.  I could just tell.  It was actually a very tight game- I think Amanda and Amy were both pretty close to winning.  Come to think of it, Amy had nine points too.

Alysse had logged in to check her Facebook account here before they left, since when they were last at Nick and Amy’s the internet was still down.  I changed her headline to say “Alysse lost at Settlers of Catan,” or something to that effect.

Zach Dotsey